Yankees Told Wood & Jenks They Wouldn’t Pay for Expensive Setup-men

Boston Red Sox Bobby JenksVia Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated:

Folks familiar with the situation say [Yankees general manager Brian Cashman] felt obligated to make that admission [that he didn’t want Rafael Soriano] because 1) he had told the press the Yankees weren’t signing Soriano, and 2) he told Kerry Wood the Yankees weren’t paying $7 mil for a setup man and Bobby Jenks they weren’t paying $8 million for a setup man. According to someone else with the team, Cashman felt his credibility was at stake. He has been overruled before but never felt it necessary to some clean.

This makes sense, it does leave me wondering though that if Cashman had known that his hand would be forced to sign Soriano, would he have been more willing to offer either of these pitchers big money contracts. It’s impossible to say, but interesting to think about. The trade-off certainly seems less risky as Wood and Jenks were both signed to smaller and shorter contracts. Soriano does have better stuff though.

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What do you think? In hindsight, would the Yankees have been better off just signing Jenks or Wood over giving Soriano a three-year deal on top of a draft pick?

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