CC Not Enough – Yanks Fall To Tigers 4-2

CC Sabathia clearly did not have his best stuff last night, as he allowed 13 base-runners (10 hits and 3 walks). He did however keep the Yankees in the game, allowing only 4 runs over 7 innings. That CC was able to go a full 7 despite all the base-runners is a real credit to his efficiency – he faced 32 batters over his 119 pitches.

Brad Penny, on the surface, pitched the better game: 6IP and 0 ER. His FIP of 3.63 was actually worse than Sabathia’s 2.54, which would suggest Penny got a little but lucky on balls put in play. Penny only had one strikeout and watching the game, it certainly always felt like the Yankees would put something together against him. Alas though, a combination of untimely hitting and baserunning errors helped keep the Yankees off the scoreboard.

Some notable players and their WPAs:

Austin Jackson:  .148

Jackson has been terrible this season (-.5 WAR) and his K-rate is absurd (35%) but he seems to be able to hit Sabathia, especially when CC throws that sinking fastball inside.

Nick Swisher:  .050

Swisher had the night off, but drew a pinch-hit walk in the 9th. That he had the 2nd highest WPA on the team says a lot about the Yankees’ night at the plate.

Jorge Posada:  .020

His 2 hits did not come in big spots, but clearly Jorge is swinging a better bat these days. His baserunning ability, however, is as painful as ever.

Derek Jeter:  -.061

Still not a great night for Derek, but after I bashed him yesterday, I will say that he hit a few balls with authority last night. His 1 base hit was a legitimate line drive.

Brett Gardner:  -.140

The WPA is pretty skewed because of Andruw Jones getting thrown out at the plate on the Gardner fly ball. Brett did get on base his other 2 plate appearances. At this rate, he’ll be making a case to be put back in the leadoff spot.

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