Colon Continues To Produce – Yankees Beat Tigers 5-3

Another good start last night from reclamation project Bartolo Colon helped the Yankees to a 5-3 victory over the Tigers. If the Yankees were to start a playoff series today, Colon would have to be their #3 starter, if not the #2. Now, clearly there is a decent chance Colon won’t keep this up; but I have to say his results have not been fluky, at least when compared to his stuff. PitchFX has had him consistently at 94+ and his movement – moving from left to right – has been phenomenal and gotten him a number looking strikeouts. So, again, this certainly might not last, but for the time being Colon seems to be the real deal.

Some other notable players (along with their WPAs):

Nick Swisher:  .343

The Swish was due for a big hit and finally delivered in the top of the 9th.

Brett Gardner:  .123

The only time Gardner was retired was when he (or Girardi) foolishly decided to bunt.

Jorge Posada:  .083

Jorge turned around a 100MPH Verlander fastball for a double. A good sign I think.

Derek Jeter:  -.223

I know this is blasphemy, but when was the last time Jeter came through in a big spot? Jeter did manage 2 hits, but one was of the infield variety (a theme these days) and the other a bloop to center. When Verlander turned up the heat, Jeter looked overmatched. The Yankees obviously will need to just make the best of it with Jeter (and there aren’t many alternatives anyways), but moving him down in the order will need to be discussed soon. They can’t afford to give him more ABs than anyone else on the team.

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8 Responses to Colon Continues To Produce – Yankees Beat Tigers 5-3

  1. Mike S. says:

    It's not blasphemy, my friends and I say the same thing. He should be moved to 8th. He's become "Bucky" Jeter. Like Bucky Dent, a .250 hitter with little power. He's even 0 for 2 in SB attempts. Dent was a sure-handed SS who didn't have the greatest of range… and well, you get the picture. Moving Jeter down should be done soon.

  2. Matt C says:

    Jeter is getting too many AB's at the top with such little production. It's not ideal but maybe a couple weeks of 1. Grandy 2. Swisher could be worth a look. If Gardner continues to improve his on base he should be in the mix, too. It's not blasphemy, the years of health have slowed his game and taken the pop out of his bat.

  3. David says:

    It isn't blasphemy at all. He is a joke, going over the hill before our eyes. Two extra base hits. One was a grounder over first base. I can't remember the other one. One home run in his last 560 at bats. A no-range statue at shortstop.

    • Susan says:

      My thoughts exactly David. And we get to put up with this for three more years! Unbelievable.

      • Mike S. says:

        It is why I was on management's side this offseason. I didn't want a three year deal with an option. I wanted less.

        • David says:

          Also, it is getting easier to see why they wouldn't include Nunez in that deal for Lee.

  4. Mike S. says:

    5/3: Yanks lose 4-2. CC a bit off, struggled. Did give innings, but 7 IP, 4 R, 10 H. HR by Teix. But Yanks drop to 17-10.

  5. Tanned Tom says:

    Yes move him down in the order, but let's not rush to treat him like some loser. He's the best shortstop we have, an all-time great, and the perfect role model for all up and coming Yankees. As for the money? Who cares? I mean really, it's the Steinbrenner money, and screw those idiots. On your all-time asshole team Billy Martin is the manager and Steinbrenner the owner, so let them spend it all as far as I'm concerned. And I'm a lifetime NYY fan, went to Mantle's last game, etc.

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