Jeter, Yanks’ Bats Come Alive – Rout Rangers 12-5

The headline on reads “Jeter, Cervelli leads Yanks’ five-homer barrage.” Of all the improbable headlines, that’s right up there with “Jorge Posada steals home in Yankee win” and “Jeter names A-Rod best man in wedding.”

Not that any game in May can be that important, but this was a relatively big win for the Yankees. In general, when playing an elite AL team on the road, my feeling is you need to make sure you win 1 of 3. Of course you want to win every series, but on the road, against the best teams, there isn’t that much shame in winning just 1. The thing is though, the Yankees lost 3 of 4 to a mediocre Detroit team and I’m not sure that Texas truly is an elite AL team at this point. They got off to a hot start, but haven’t played well lately. So this was a series the Yankees could realistically expect to win and they did.

The Yanks got a pretty mediocre start from CC Sabathia, who allowed 4 runs in his first 2 innings, before settling down and putting 4 zeros on the board. Still, as is often the case, CC kept the Yankees in the game and they were able to rally in impressive fashion, scoring 12 runs.

Notable players and their WPAs:

Derek Jeter:  .464

Wow. I wasn’t sure if Jeter would ever hit a homerun again and he hit 2 of them, and they both were game-changers. Obviously this could just be a blip in Jeter’s race towards retirement, but hopefully it’s a sign that he can still be relatively productive for a little bit longer. It will definitely take more than this though to convince me Jeter is still a top of the order hitter.

Curtis Granderson:  .225

Granderson’s MVP-caliber start to the season continues. Do you remember all the criticism Cashman took for the Granderson trade this past offseason? I do.

Francisco Cervelli:  .038

Who knows what will happen with Jeter, but I’m fairly certain we won’t see too many more Cervelli grand slams anytime soon. It’s like catching a foul ball or seeing the Yankees successfully bunt – it’s an anomaly and really, once is enough. Just cross it off the bucket list and move on.

Robinson Cano:  -.183

Now in case anyone was confused, I am not a hitting coach (though I sometimes play one on the internet). But sometimes it would probably be a good idea if Cano didn’t swing at the first pitch. We’re sure that Robby doesn’t think the game is “who can manage to put the worst pitch in play” right?

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7 Responses to Jeter, Yanks’ Bats Come Alive – Rout Rangers 12-5

  1. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    They need much more consistency in their offense. ARod has been horrible lately and has had one walk in over two weeks. He looks awful up at the plate. Their defense is so laughable at times that they look like little leaguers at times.

    • Bronx Knight says:

      Hey, watch what you say about the little leaguers. My 11-year-old nephew plays shortstop and I can guarantee you he does a better job than Nunez.

  2. Paul Knopick says:

    So, is it time to give a gold watch to Posada and bring up Montero as DH?

    • Mike S. says:

      Honestly, I keep Montero down at SWB to continue to work on his catching. If the gold watch is given to Posada, I would replace him on the 40-man with Jorge Vazquez. Vazquez may not have the glove and won't play the field much (much like Posada is now) and the bb/k ratio for him isn't the greatest but when he makes contact, look out. .311-12-32 at SWB. Bring him up and let Montero continue to work on his defense. For if Montero is brought up and is strictly DH-ing, you may as well make him a full-time DH then since he won't be getting any catching reps (what with Martin and Cervelli there) to improve defensively. Hopefully Chavez gets healthy soon. You could platoon the lefty Chavez and the righty Vazquez at DH. Posada is 0 for 23 batting righty this year.

  3. Mike S. says:

    Garcia continues to surprise. Good outing last night as Yanks win 3-1. Robertson a "Houdini" again. Yanks bats still not the best, but Gardner has raised his average some 90? points? Big triple from him. And Mo…what can we say? 20 wins for the Yanks, and Mo has 1 win and 13 saves. 572…. 30 away from breaking Hoffman's record.

    • Mike S. says:

      Should add… Jeter now at 2962 hits. Passed Sam Crawford last night. Only Sam Rice (2987) stands between Derek and 3000 (Roberto Clemente).

  4. Mike S. says:

    I see some sad news. I'm more of a Post guy than a Daily News guy, but for anyone who enjoyed Bill Gallo's wonderful cartoons, it's a sad day. Gallo passed away yesterday (5/10) at the age of 88. His "Basement Bertha", "Yuchie", "Baron von Steingrabber (the Boss as a Prussian military general)" and other characterizations were classic. RIP. Bill Gallo 1922-2011.

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