Updated: Jorge Posada Dropped To Ninth, Asked Out Of Lineup Saturday

Update: After Saturday’s 6-0 loss to the Red Sox, Jorge Posada spoke with the media to address the situation. He said that he needed time to clear his head, and also that he did indeed have a stiff back prior to the game, which goes against Brian Cashman’s statement that Posada was not hurt.

Girardi was also interviewed after the game and thought that Posada needed a mental health day off, but mentioned that Posada made no reference to hitting ninth in their pregame conversation.

We’ll see if Posada is in the lineup for tonight’s game, if he is he will be going up against left handed pitcher Jon Lester, and he hasn’t had a single hit against lefties all season.

Let’s hope this situation has been taken care of, and Posada can help the Yankees avoid a sweep at the hands of the Red Sox.

Saturday: It has certainly been a struggle for Jorge Posada this season, his first as a full-time DH, and today the struggle continued.

Joe Girardi penciled in Posada as the number nine hitter in the starting lineup, a move that everyone had to see coming due to Posada’s poor hitting.

An hour before tonight’s game with the Red Sox, Posada asked to be removed from the lineup, obviously feeling disrespected by Girardi’s decision to drop him the nine-hole in the order.

When Brian Cashman was asked about the situation, he clarified that injury was not the cause and he just didn’t want to play basically. He said that he had talked to Posada about it, but wouldn’t comment on his conversations with the long-time Yankee.

Posada has requested and is expected to speak with the media after the game, a possible retirement announcement, but all indications are that retirement is not likely.

Nick Swisherwas also dropped down in the order to eighth, but he took it with a little better attitude, making it clear that he will do anything to help the team.

Posada can’t play the field anymore and his lack of hitting, which is his only job anymore, leaves the Yankees in a tough position. Obviously Posada has been a big part of this team for a long time, but a primary DH hitting .165 is going to drag the team down.

The Yankees could pursue a breach of contract option if he continues to not play, which means they wouldn’t have to pay him at least a portion of his $13 million salary this year.

It’s a very tricky situation that could get ugly, maybe both sides can cool down and come to an understanding, where Posada only starts against righties, considering he is 0-24 against southpaw’s this year, and splits time at DH with Andruw Jones among other veterans on the team.

Either way, we will know more tomorrow, and hopefully it all works out for the best

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One Response to Updated: Jorge Posada Dropped To Ninth, Asked Out Of Lineup Saturday

  1. Mike S. says:

    Love Posada, but wish he'd just bow out now as gracefully as possible (this has gotten messy, and won't be graceful. Did anyone expect him to go quietly?). Meanwhile, 2 more HR for Jorge Vazquez at AAA (14 HR, 38 RBI). Granted Vazquez' D isn't good, but you may as well replace one guy who never took the field (Posada) with another (Vazquez). Vazquez not on 40-man. But right now a better bet to DH and contribute than Posada.

    Posada should look in the mirror, and accept reality. Then do what Schmidt did in 1989. Retire, effective immediately. But with some $10 million still on the table for this year, it'd be hard.

    But right now, Posada isn't helping the Yanks in any way.

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