Jorge Posada Nearly Walked Off Saturday Night

jorge-posadaVia Bill Madden of the NY Daily News:

In the heat of his anger and frustration Saturday night, Yankee icon Jorge Posada told general manager Brian Cashman that he not only wanted out of the No. 9 spot in the Yankee batting order – he wanted out of the Yankees, too, according to team sources.

Being assigned to the bottom of the lineup by manager Joe Girardi was simply a contributing factor in the 39-year-old designated hitter’s overall frustration with a situation in which he is hitting .165, is consigned to fulltime DH duty and is believed to be dealing with a personal situation.

“It was just something said in the heat of anger and frustration,” a source close to Posada said of the former catcher’s angry comments to Cashman and Girardi an hour before Saturday night’s game against the Red Sox. “He didn’t want out, and doesn’t want out. He was just frustrated and said a lot of things.”

Jorge is a pretty passionate player so this doesn’t exactly shock me. It does make me wonder if he is really contemplating retirement. He’s owed $13.1 million this season, with probably about $10 million still unpaid. That’s a lot to walk away from.

He will be 40-years-old in three months though and is hitting a lowly .165 with a .626 OPS. That’s a far cry from his career mark of .852 and not even close to the .811 he posted last season.

If by July his numbers are still pathetically low, maybe he’ll just walk away early. My hope is that no matter what happens, he doesn’t continue to pout throughout the rest of the season.

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3 Responses to Jorge Posada Nearly Walked Off Saturday Night

  1. JoeYankeeFan says:

    What Jorge Posada did Saturday night was a disgrace.

    a disgrace to his team, a disgrace to his coach, his family, and himself.

    I don't care if your batting 9th all year

    shut up

    go out there

    and play

    That's half the problem, these guys get treated to good in NY and they forget their friggin ball players.

    If u don't like it get your azz over the Mendoza Line

    the real question is how long will are cowardly brass wait until they bring up Vasquez or Maxwell ??? both are tearing up triple A

    No need for Montero yet as Martin is one of the few guys having good at bats even though he can't stop diddly squat from getting past him at the plate.

  2. Susan says:

    To (sort of) quote The Left Bank… "Just Walk Away Jorge, You Won't See Anyone Follow You Home".

  3. David K. says:

    That's right. There are thousands of minor leaguers who would kill to get in a game hitting in the 9 slot. Posada's been a great player for us over the years, but it's painfully obvious he just doesn't get it. He's got a lot of growing up to do, and I hope it's not too late.

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