Slumping Swisher Gets Another Day Off

nick-swisherVia Chad Jennings of the Journal News:

Nick Swisher is getting another healthy day off to work on his left-handed swing. It reminds me of the days [Curtis Granderson] was given late last season when he and Kevin Long made those successful changes to his swing.

“He’s just doing the drills that he’s been doing,” [Joe Girardi] said. “There’s a lot of different ways to work with players when they’re going through some tough times, offensively or pitching. You can keep running them out there or you can give them a couple days to try to work on some stuff. I chose at this point — because I’ve been running him out there every day — to give him a couple days.”

Swisher just hasn’t been himself this season. Over the last two seasons he averaged 29 homers, a .270 average, and a .870 OPS, but this season he has only hit two homers with a .214 average and .633 OPS. That’s not Swisher and eventually those numbers will go back to their norms.

The Yankees though seem to be trying to give him a bit of a push in turning his season around. This team is built on the strength of their offense, they can’t have their right fielder with just a 77 OPS+. So hopefully, like Granderson last season, this works in changing his season around.

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2 Responses to Slumping Swisher Gets Another Day Off

  1. Susan says:

    At this point I've rather have Dickerson out there any way. Oh and I see Mr. HGH Bautista has hit another bomb against us tonight. When are we going to stop pitching to him?

    • David K. says:

      Well, no one has any evidence of HGH use by Bautista, so you shouldn't say that. But this has been going on since last year. He hits a home run in almost every game against us. If you look at the at-bats, he's hitting mistakes. Why do we keep challenging him with fastballs in his wheel-house? As far as Swisher, I'm beginning to think we should trade him if possible. I wish we had a big time outfield prospect we could bring up.