Tigers Shut Out Yankees 4-0

Last night Freddy Garcia did his best CC Sabathia impression from the night before. No, I don’t mean throwing fastballs in the mid-90s; rather that Garcia wasn’t perfect, but still racked up a good number of strikeouts and gave the Yankees innings. Garcia went 7, allowing 12 baserunners (10 hits and 2 walks) and striking out an impressive 8 batters. Like Sabathia the night before, Garcia also faced 32 batters and needed even fewer pitches to do it (112).

Clearly Yankee fans can still take away some positives from Garcia’s performance. Early on, it seemed like Garcia was in for a short night but he hung in there and all the strikeouts are encouraging as it shows that Garcia is not just relying on luck with balls put in play. Garcia’s FIP was a very respectable 3.37.

That said though, last night the real story was Max Scherzer, who was dominant, going 8 innings and striking out 9. He allowed only 6 baserunners (4 hits and 2 walks). Part of the blame could be placed on the Yankee offense, though when an entire lineup as good as the one the Yankees have struggles, you have to give some credit to the pitcher.

Other notable players and their WPAs:

Magglio Ordonez:  .208

Magglio was the biggest offensive performer of the night. I already regret mocking him the night before, when his ABs looked pretty terrible.

Francisco Cervelli:  .012

Cervelli was the only Yankee hitter with a positive WPA (and even then, just barely). That’s pretty much all you need to know to sum up the Yankees’ night offensively.

Buddy Carlyle:  .005

Not exactly high leverage for Buddy, but still impressive, striking out 2 and retiring the Tigers in order in the 8th. I’m pretty sure Carlyle will never be anything more than a mop-up guy, but he could stick in that role – at least for a little while.

Derek Jeter:  -.036

Derek did have 1 hit, but more newsworthy is that he was pulled with a stiff hip. How that affects his status going forward isn’t yet clear. It would stand to reason Eduardo Nunez will get at least a start or two.

Robinson Cano:  -.071

Alex Rodriguez:  -.080

Neither A-Rod or Cano got on base and both K’d twice. Not good from the middle of the order.

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