Yankees Drop 3rd Straight

A really sloppy game from the Yankees yesterday. AJ Burnett actually pitched very well: 3 hits and 1 walk over 7 IP and a 2.81 FIP. He was hurt by a pair of HBP and defensive errors (one of which was his own). If the Yankees had played a clean game, they very easily could have won this one.

Notable players and their WPAs:

Eric Chavez:  .132

Chavez had the biggest hit for the Yankees – an RBI triple – and broke a bone in his foot to do it. It’s really a shame, as Chavez was proving himself to be a tremendous pickup. Not unlike Nick Johnson last year though, there are some players that, for whatever reason, just can’t seem to stay healthy. Breaking your foot running to third base would seem to be a fluke, but in Chavez’s case, it is unfortunately a pattern. Hopefully he can recover and return to the team.

Eduardo Nunez:  .095

Clearly Nunez’s defensive woes are the story of this game, but his bat did seem to have some life in it. If he can stop making errors on simple plays (which of course is a gigantic if), Nunez could be a productive player. It’s hard to find shortstops who can hit and Nunez has plus speed as well. Girardi indicated that they’d keep giving him a chance and that’s probably the right move. They’re not asking Nunez to become a plus defender; they’re just asking him to make the routine plays. With Chavez hurt, Nunez will likely get ABs at 3rd as well.

Alex Rodriguez:  .048

A-Rod was supposed to have a day off, but came in and went 2 for 2. That’s a good sign that maybe he’s over his mini-slump.

Boone Logan:  -.012

Logan came in and promptly gave up a HR to a lefty. That seems to be a theme this year. I really think that out the various poor starts Yankee players have had this season, Logan’s is one of the more serious, in that I don’t know that he’ll bounce back. Boone was effective last year, but that may have been a fluke – not what we’re seeing now. What we’re seeing now might be what he is. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him off the team by midsummer – or at least relegated to mop-up duty.

Russell Martin:  -.089

Nick Swisher:  -.109

Mark Teixeira:  -.144

The number of crushing double plays the Yankees have hit into this season has been insane and yesterday had it’s share, this time from Martin and Tex. Swisher failed to get a hit and had his chances with RISP.

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3 Responses to Yankees Drop 3rd Straight

  1. Mike S. says:

    With all the Jeter discussion, flying under the radar is the fact that Swish is at .214 with 1 HR after 29 games.

  2. Paul Knopick says:

    With the Yankees, it's always a WS championship or nothing. I'm having a hard time seeing how this team, with a patched together rotation that could blow like a tire on a rocky road at any time, with a SS past his prime, no outfield depth, a DH who doesn't want to DH, and no lefty relief, can possibly contend. Sorry to see glass half empty.

  3. dutchsailor says:

    Nova attributed his success to being able to locate the fastball — locate the fastball, and he gets the grounders – miss with the fastball and he gets hit.

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