A Look at the Farm: How the Team’s Prospects are Doing

With all that is going on with the Yankees this season it is easy to forget about the minor leaguers, but I wanted to take a look today at how a few of the team’s top prospects are doing this season.


Vazquez is not really a prospect, but he is absolutely tearing up Triple-A. If he continues to hit like this and Jorge Posada continues to struggle the Yankees are going to have a tough decision to make. Montero has gotten off to a hot start, but his power leaves something to be desired. Considering his extremely young age, it wouldn’t kill the Yankees to keep him down there for a little while longer. Laird has been a real disappointment this season.

Phelps is the real standout here with his high K/9 rate and low BB/9 rate. Brackman has been an extreme disappointment in a year where he could do real damage at the major league level.


A disappointing season for everyone at this level although Romine could be doing much worse. It turns out getting Russell Martin was a necessity, not a luxury.

Betances has been a bit wild, but he clearly is overpowering Double-A hitters. Banuelos’ numbers have also been good. Stoneburner’s ERA is solid, but his strikeouts are not there yet. Venditte is struggling with his command.


None of these hitters are elite prospects and except for Lyerly and so far none of them are in danger of gaining attention. Grote is particularly disappointing as he is coming off a breakout year last season.

The biggest prospect here is Marshall. His ERA is disappointing, but if he keeps the strikeouts up and the walks down that could change. Ramirez is the next biggest prospect and it appears his walks are costing him.


Roller is tearing it up, but he’s a bit old for this league. Heathcott is in the middle of a breakout year. A few of these other guys are giving us a reason to pay attention to them too.

A nice group of pitchers have decent seasons. O’Brien is the one that I’m really pulling for and so far he’s gotten off to a strong start.

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    vasquez to dh if posada keeps struggling

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