Yankees Offense Comes Alive in 13-2 Win Over Orioles

derek-jeterThe Yankees scored five runs in the first inning and never looked back as CC Sabathia shut the Orioles’ bats down and the offense beat up on their pitching, winning 13-2 on a rainy night in Baltimore.

The Yankees scored five runs in the first on three hits. They broke out again with four runs in the fourth, again off three hits, including back-to-back triples. Then Mark Teixeira topped that off with a two-run home run. They scored a run in the 5th and 6th innings and then two more in the 9th as they never let up.

Most of those runs weren’t even necessary as Sabathia was in fine form, striking out nine while he shut down the Orioles over eight innings.

1-2 PUNCH: Both Sabathia tonight and Bartolo Colon yesterday went eight innings without allowing a run. Unlike Sabathia, Colon didn’t get credit for a victory after Mariano Rivera blew the save.

BEAN BALLS: Perhaps in a bid to get their money’s worth out of Mike Gonzalez‘s ejection from last night, but the Orioles hit Robinson Cano just above his right knee in the first inning. In retaliation Sabathia hit Nick Markakis and both benches were warned. Amauri Sanit hit somebody in the 9th inning, but it was clearly by accident as he had no command of his pitches.

TRIPLES: The Yankees hit three triples in this game. Curtis Granderson got one in the 1st, and Brett Gardner and Derek Jeter hit back-to-back triples in the 4th inning in the height of the rain.

USING ALL YOUR CATCHERS: Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, and Alex Rodriguez all left this game early and it created a unique situation. Jorge Posada was already on first, Eduardo Nunez moved to second, Andruw Jones went to the outfield. Third base? Russell Martin.

UP NEXT: The Subway Series. Check back tomorrow for coverage.

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One Response to Yankees Offense Comes Alive in 13-2 Win Over Orioles

  1. seasoned observer says:

    Score 15 runs, lose the next 6. Score 13 runs, get 4 hits in 2-1 loss. Same old story same old song and dance my friend. Get ineffective starters out and beat up on long relievers. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Until the long swinging pull hitting Yanks learn, what the rest of the league knows now, to hit the ball the other way they will never have consistent sustained rallies. Away away away is the mantra in opposing dugouts as we watch rollover ground balls and popup after mighty hacks don't produce the 3 run homer. Clueless Joe never plays hit and run because no one goes the other way. 250 team average because no one hits the ball where its pitched. How do you hit a knuckle ball? Wait and take it the other way. Dickey against the world 1-5, 6 era. Results for "yanks", 4 hits. 1 for 10 risp. 2-1 loss. Same old story same old song and dance my friends.

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