Yankees Plan On Using Eduardo Nunez More 10

eduardo-nunezAnd so begins the transition from Derek Jeter the everyday player to Derek Jeter the expensive bench piece.

Before yesterdays game Yankees manager Joe Girardi told Mike Mazzeo of ESPN New York that they plan on using Eduardo Nunez more often against left handed pitchers.

“I feel like this young man has a lot of upside,” Girardi said of Nunez. “He’s swung the bat well for us. I think [he’s] a young man that’s exciting whenever he goes out there, because of his speed and what he brings to the game. This is a kid that we have high hopes for, and he’s gonna see some time against left-handers.

“And we can DH Jeet [Derek Jeter] or[Alex Rodriguez] in a sense to give them that half-day off.”

Hopefully the Yankees don’t give A-Rod too many days off (although with his hip he should still see at least one day a week off) because Jeter has just not improved over his career worst season last year.

His batting average, OBP, and slugging percentage are all less than what they were a year ago. His power has taken an especially big hit dropping his slugging down from .370 to .316. Him and the Yankees can talk about adjusting his swing all they want, but it hasn’t worked.

I don’t think even the most skeptical Yankees fans would have guessed that Jeter would begin to see less playing time in the first  year of a ill-advised four year contract they gave him.

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10 thoughts on “Yankees Plan On Using Eduardo Nunez More

  • Bronx Knight

    This is just too painful to think about. In fact, if Nunez continues to get time at shortstop, I will just pretend that he is actually Derek Jeter. I will also pretend that Jeter is actually Nunez, getting time at DH or on the bench.

    This will make me feel better.

  • jim jaworski

    Once a players bat speed start to slow up working with a hitting coach probably will not help.
    It is as simply as that. Bat speed is one of the talents that got you to the bigs.

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