Yankees’ Rafael Soriano To Sit Out Tampa Series

rafael-sorianoAn elbow injury that has kept Rafael Soriano out of some games lately will keep him out at least two more as he is expected to miss the Yankees two game series against the Rays, according to Ian Begley of ESPN New York.

Soriano underwent an MRI earlier in the month to have his sore elbow checked, but tests came back negative. Since then he has only pitched once, against the Red Sox on Friday, but said the next day that his elbow was still sore.

If his elbow gets worse it could lead to surgery that would cause him to miss an entire season so the Yankees are better off being cautious here. They are probably eager to get some return on their huge three-year $35 million investment though. He has been largely ineffective so far and missed time in April with a bad back (I wish there was somebody who realized before hand that this was a bad signing).

My guess is that he could be out for longer than just the Tampa series though. As much as they do want him to pitch, they don’t want to lose him for an entire season more.

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One Response to Yankees’ Rafael Soriano To Sit Out Tampa Series

  1. hiram says:

    Another example that they should let Cashman do his job.
    Of course a lot of people is going to be talking about Nick Johnson, his trade for Vazquez, etc. It's normal he is going to do mistakes and personally i don't like most of his transactions, but at least he isn't doing crazy things like the monstrous and ridiculous contract for ARod and overpaying everybody else like this reliever.

    Most important, If he is the GM, let him work, if they don't like his job then fire him

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