10 Relievers the Yankees Could Trade for at the Deadline

francisco-rodriguezWith the trade deadline drawing nearer and the Yankees targeting bullpen help it seemed like a good idea to take a look at some relievers they could be interested in.

  1. Francisco Rodriguez – (RHP, Mets, 2011 ERA: 3.25): Not a fan favorite among Yankee fans, but he continues to be one of the more effective and consistent relievers in baseball. It will be hard to work out a deal with the Mets, but because of Mariano Rivera and K-Rod’s unique contract clause, he could be a good fit.
  2. Jonathan Broxton – (RHP, Dodgers, 2011 ERA: 5.68): Unlikely to draw major interest from the Yankees because of injuries and poor recent history, but he is a big name that could get some attention at the deadline if he can come back healthy. Could be cheap and he is a free agent at the end of the season.
  3. Kerry Wood – (RHP, Cubs, 2011 ERA: 2.25): The Yankees grabbed him on the cheap at least year’s deadline. He would likely be more expensive this season, but they could have an advantage when it comes to him waiving his no trade clause.
  4. Mike Adams – (RHP, Padres, 2011 ERA: 1.35): Adams has quietly put together a very nice career for himself, with an ERA+ of 214 since 2008. He is entering his last year of arbitration this offseason and could be pricing himself out of San Diego.
  5. Brian Fuentes – (LHP, Athletics, 2011 ERA: 4.76): Has been a disappointment in Oakland, but that and a multi-year contract could be his ticket out of town.
  6. John Grabow – (LHP, Cubs, 2011 ERA: 4.94): The Cubs are not having a great season and Grabow is earning $4.8 million. He does pretty well against lefties, could be a good option.
  7. Randy Choate – (LHP, Marlins, 2011 ERA: 0.64): A former Yankee, he is amazing against lefties and terrible against righties. The problem is that he is signed to a reasonable deal through next season.
  8. Matt Capps – (RHP, Twins, 2011 ERA: 4.06): The Twins unexpected poor season could lead to them dealing some pieces. Capps is an attractive one despite his less than stellar season. Joe Nathan could be another one, but he would have to show some semblance of health and effectiveness first.
  9. Ryan Franklin – (RHP, Cardinals, 2011 ERA: 8.17): His ERA should be enough to scare the Yankees away, but he is normally an effective reliever so they may take a chance on him. This one is doubtful, but included because he should be easily available.
  10. Joel Hanrahan – (RHP, Pirates, 2011 ERA: 1.27): Believe it or not the Pirates are actually in contention for the Wild-Card. Still they probably aren’t real contenders and could be open for trades. Hanrahan has been closing for them this season and has been doing a good job. Maybe the Yankees could pry him away from them.

This is just a list of players who are available that the Yankees may find useful. I certainly don’t endorse all of these players, but a few of them could be a huge help. I certainly hope the Yankees at least call the Mets to find out K-Rod’s price, Grabow’s price might not be too high either and he does very well against lefties.

I want to hear from you! Which relievers might the Yankees trade for that I missed? Whom would you like to see them acquire?

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Rob Abruzzese created Bronx Baseball Daily in 2008 just before graduating from Brooklyn College. He currently serves BBD as its editor and works as a reporter at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Follow Rob on Twitter @RobAbruzzese.
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5 Responses to 10 Relievers the Yankees Could Trade for at the Deadline

  1. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    There are a few names on that list that sound interesting (F-Rod, Wood, Choate). I wouldn't bend over backwards to get any of them though unless their bullpen runs into more injury problems.

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    Any discussion about K-Rod is absurd. He earns too much, and is a malcontent. The team's need is for a leftie out of the pen, especially a left handed specialist – the guy who comes in and pitches to Adrian Gonzalez or David Ortiz, gets him out and is gone. Fuentes Grabow and Choate don't thrill me, but I guess Choate might be okay. What would make me especially happy is if we could dump a bad contract in the bargain, say Igawa and a minor league prospect for Choate. And please baseball gods, don't let Cashman re-sign Marte (too injured) or Posada (too old) for next season.

  3. Considering money, fans, years, etc. Just Wood, Grabow or Choate

  4. Robert Reed says:

    U are going to say "R U Crazy" but Between now and the All Star break I would bring up Igawa and use him. He would bust or maybe gain some interest from others or if he does OK and he is used the rest of the season and the Yankees acutally get something for their money. But he must have done something, said something other then pitch bad back when he was up in the majors. But I would take the chance maybe he has grown up and might just catch lighting in a bottle……

    • Igawa didn't do or say anything, he just couldn't pitch in the majors. The Yankees realized only after they signed him that he couldn't get it done and they've done the right thing, stashed him in the minors and forgot about him.

      He will not be called up, he will not be traded, he will not be released. He will simply play out his contract in the majors and then will return to Japan.

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