Andy Pettitte Doesn’t Want to Return to Yankees

Via Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York:

The retired Andy Pettitte says he still has no interest in returning to pitch for the New York Yankees this year and beyond.

“I’m not dying to be playing baseball right now,” Pettitte said on the Michael Kay Show on ESPN New York 1050. “I’m absolutely loving being home.”

“The only thing that would make me pitch again is if I felt this season was over and I felt that I needed to pray and really consider making a decision about changing what I’m doing right now,” Pettitte said. “If I missed it so much and I felt in my heart like that was the thing I need to do, I would try to start thinking about it and start considering it again.

“But I’m just telling you right now, I don’t think I will ever pitch again.”

“I’m not playing baseball this year,” said Pettitte. “I’m committed to my family. I’m where in my heart I need to be.”

This is just as well. The Yankees right now actually have a good thing going right now with their pitching rotation that is ranked 3rd in the American League by ERA+. Pettitte has always been a horse, but considering the time he has missed so far and the current drop off rate of teammates Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada, it’s probably best he just stay retired.

Pettitte said he does miss going to work, but unlike he did in spring training, he really left no wiggle room this time. He seems pretty serious that he’s going to stay retired.

It would have been nice to see Pettitte pitch one more time, but eventually we have to say goodbye. Look at Posada, sometimes it’s better to be a little early than too late.

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