Carlos Silva Has No Opt-Out Clause 2

carlos-silvaWe had previously thought that the Yankees had until the middle of June to call up veteran starter Carlos Silva from the minors otherwise he would opt-out of his contract, but Brian Cashman confirmed yesterday that is not the case. According to Chad Jennings of the Journal News, Silva has no such opt-out in his contract so the Yankees could keep him in the minor leagues all season if they choose.

This changes things up significantly. For one thing there is no artificial deadline where the Yankees have to call Silva up. Instead they can keep him in the minors until there is a need instead of forcing him on to the roster.

This is probably great news for Ivan Nova who has been rumored to be in danger of losing his job. Of course, Joe Girardi said this morning that isn’t the case, but it is hard the believe that if Nova continues to be the worst starter on the team that he would easily be in danger of losing his job.

That really hasn’t changed, but now there is not the pressure of calling Silva up or risk losing him. He will spend all season in Scranton if the Yankees want him to.

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  • roy

    How's Silva looking. in Scranton? I saw him in Trenton in early May. Not much speed there, but he was painting the plate pretty well. By the way, that night in Trenton, he was pitching against Robert Corson on the Binghamton Mets. I think that Corson, a big lefty, will be moved up to Buffalo by the summer and maybe rushed onto the Mets sometime in 2012

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