Cashman: Draft is the Most Important Day of the Year

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“We’ve made it what it’s supposed to be — the most important day of the year,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said. “Our business is baseball, and that’s the most important access to talent. If you want to be championship-caliber, there’s a lot of different avenues, but one you can not skip is the amateur pipeline. That’s the foundation of eventual champions.

“We’re going to have to sit out and wait for a little while,” Cashman said of not picking until 51st overall (They lost their 1st round pick by signing Rafael Soriano). “But it’s a deep enough Draft where I know [director of player personnel Damon Oppenheimer] feels like we’re still going to get access to some quality players.

“The challenge has to constantly be that it’s not good enough, and it has to get better. The simple job description that I have is to find better players than we currently have, so Damon’s job is to find a better player in this Draft than last Draft.”

Gone are the days when the Yankees didn’t take this seriously. That’s a big part of the reason why Cashman was so outspoken about not wanting Soriano. Not only did they have to spend a ton of money to get him, but they also lost their first round pick.

Looking back at it, Cashman was almost definitely right. Soriano’s injury history caught up to him and the current Yankees bullpen is showing why it is silly to spend big money on middle relief. Now the Yankees have a good pen in spite of Soriano, an injured reliever, and no first round pick.

That doesn’t mean that we should expect a poor draft this time around from the Yankees. They will certainly use their financial advantage when it comes to this draft as they routinely go over the recommended signing bonus on players when they feel they are right.

Check back here for coverage on the day of the draft. I put up a short profile of every player they drafted last year and I hope to do the same again this year.

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