Cashman Says No Chance Jose Reyes Becomes a Yankee

Via Roger Rubin of the NY Daily News:

Any conspiracy theorist who has pondered Mets shortstop Jose Reyes being fitted for Yankee pinstripes, either later this season or in the near future, can forget it. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman put an end to speculation Wednesday night.

“That’s just not going to happen,” he said…

“We have an everyday shortstop in Derek Jeter,” said Cashman. “And I think we have an everyday shortstop that would be playing for a lot of clubs in Eduardo Nunez. The Yankees don’t have a need now or in the future for a shortstop.

That’s pretty much what I would expect him to say. The bottom line is that Jeter is under contract for three more years for nearly $40 million after this season. He’s not likely to change positions either as there aren’t many realistic options for him. So he’s the shortstop and if he’s not, Nunez is.

The Yankees are kind of a schizophrenic organization where they say one thing and do another, but they just aren’t going to pay Jeter $15 million and on top of that pay Reyes another $15-20 million to have two guys who play the same position. This option went out the window when the Yankees made Jeter one of the most overpaid players in history last offseason.

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10 Responses to Cashman Says No Chance Jose Reyes Becomes a Yankee

  1. Jaime B. says:

    What is so special about Eduardo Nunez, yes he is fast but he struggles to get on base and not only that his defense is lackluster. Peña as well, three errors come on.. I don´t necessarily believe the yanks should get Reyes, but it would be an upgrade at the SS position.

  2. yankeepride says:

    he can sell autographs and make up the difference…Reyes would be a nice addition, he's a great leadoff hitter, compliments Gardner very well and can steal 50 bases a year…if Jeter could play the outfield well enough, I'd shift him, otherwise I would not make the deal…we're in good shape, in fact, Jeter is still a very good shortstop but he may need to find another position someday if he wants regular time…

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Jeter can't play the OF. He has never played anywhere other than SS in his professional career, now at 37 you think he can just pick up and play somewhere else? Sorry, it doesn't work like that. It's SS or DH…. or nothing. And with his diminished (non-existent?) power, Jeter would be an even bigger detriment in the OF than at SS.

  3. Jaime B. says:

    41 million to a guy that hits .260 and has a .320 on base percentage–

  4. Joe says:

    Just maybe if we gave Jeter a 2 year 25 million dollar deal instead of a 4 year 60 million deal(what the hell were they thinking)this would be a possibility.

    Good job Yanks, keep over compensating players in the future for past contributions despite the fact that they were overcompensated to begin with.

    The Red Sox are running circles around us a far as contracts and salaries, Cashman needs to learn from Theo.

    Youkilis 10 mill per

    Pedroia 7 mill per

    Lester 6 mill per (best LHP in the AL)

    Buckholz 5 mill per

    In 2-3 years we will be paying 45 million for two bench players in A-Rod and Jeter.

    we better smarten up quick

    and word to the wise, no more opt-outs

    • hardnose says:

      the Jeter deal was for his cache…a Yankee captain with a Hall of Fame career with 5 world series rings approaching 3,000 hits sells seats and other incidentals…people love the guy, pay to see him play, it's tough to not pay the man but by the numbers alone, he's not worth the money being paid to him BUT he is Derek Jeter!

    • Susan says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth, Joe. Great post and right on the money.

  5. Mike Sommer says:

    It's a good and legit question and one the front office should have figured out a few years ago. Instead they give (thanks, Hank) A-Rod an ill-conceived contract and buckle by giving Derek more years than he should have deserved. And because of a lack of foresight (and/or kowtowing to the fans) they will have to pay for it when the time arises.

  6. @Burrellfan1 says:

    Couldn't Reyes just play DH from July until the end of the season? The Mets would probably have to pay the rest of his salary for the season, and Reyes would be a free agent at the end of the year.

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