Cashman Wants Montero to Play Everyday

Via Brian Heyman of the Journal News:

Cashman was brutally honest as usual when it came to the backup catcher situation. Russell Martin is back in the lineup after missing seven of the last eight games. Francisco Cervelli, who has struggled offensively and defensively, had subbed for him. Cashman wants top catching prospect Jesus Montero to play. That’s why he isn’t being brought up to back up Martin and get occasional DH at-bats.

“Is Montero better than Cervelli? Yes he is,” Cashman said.

In one respect, what Brian Cashman said is completely understandable. Montero is their top prospect and would certainly benefit by playing everyday, especially defensively.

However, Martin has been pretty banged up and maybe they should be splitting time as co-catchers instead of having Montero as the backup. Martin is not only dealing with a back issue now, but he is still recovering from both knee and hip surgeries. When he was fresh in April he was hitting the cover off the ball, but after playing for nearly a month straight he has falling off quite a bit.

It’s hard to see how it would significantly hurt Montero’s development to play 45 of the next 90 games and it seems like it could do a lot toward keeping Martin healthy and productive. At the same time it would keep the Yankees from relying on such a poor backup catcher in Cervelli.

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12 Responses to Cashman Wants Montero to Play Everyday

  1. Mike Sommer says:

    “Is Montero better than Cervelli? Yes he is,” Cashman said. … I understand the logic behind Cashman's reasoning (playing Montero everyday), but aren't you supposed to win at the major league level? Meanwhile we are subjected to a backup C throwing the ball into CF and who is hitting .185-1-11 with an OPS+ of 44. Yuk. 🙁

    • hardnose says:

      Mike, i figure that if the Yankees won't play Montero every day and DH him on some days, while given him the back up catcher's role, he might be better off at AAA where he'll get to play everyday until the Yankees can commit to him…if they plan on using him as a catcher, he needs to catch everyday…but that's just my opinion…i hope he tears up the International League and gives us a show come September…

      • Mike Sommer says:

        I understand the concept of wanting him to play everyday. Of course the stickler here is Posada. He won't retire and the Yanks won't release him because of a) eating the salary and b) pissing off Posada and the fan base. I just wonder at what level Montero must progress to in order to merit a callup. If he is, as Cashman states, better than Cervelli, then (hypothetical situation) Montero would come up if Martin was DL'd because being better than Cervelli he'd play everyday. But if Martin was healthy and Cervelli was DL'd, reading between the lines, Montero would stay at AAA and play everyday while Gus Molina would get the call. Would the Yanks call Montero up if he's good enough to platoon with Martin? If they won't let him backup, are they waiting for him to a) be good enough to platoon before they bring him up or b) good enough to play every day? How good must he be? Meanwhile, he's around .292 at AAA, and we have Martin (.185 or so since 4/23), Cervelli .185 and Posada .226 and he never catches. If they miss the playoffs by a game, you have to wonder. I also hope you are right.

        • Mike Sommer says:

          That he tears up the IL (not only offensively, but becomes at least average defensively) and helps out down the road. Personally, I would have released Posada by now and brought up Montero. .__Speaking of which, I would release Andruw Jones right now and bring Greg Golson up. Golson doesn't have Andruw's power, but Andruw is at .208, has 28 strikeouts in 72 AB. Golson has more speed, a gun of an arm (as we saw last year when he nailed Crawford in Tampa) and you'd hope he'd make more contact (.287 at AAA). I didn't mind getting Andruw and knew his BA would be low, but hoped he'd hit for more contact and with that, provide more power and RBI. Just my opinion there, but I'd turn to some youth in Montero and Golson over Jones and Posada right now.

          • hardnose says:

            Agreed about Andruw Jones…no magic there…Posada is hitting though…his average in June is around .415…that's obviously a fluke but so was his .125 in April…still, I here what you're saying with Golson…he's young, has a few tools, and may flourish with the right role…i also like Nunez but I'm thinking the Yankees may part with this guy if the right trade comes along…last year they didn't include him for Cliff Lee but feelings change…

          • Jones was acquired to hit lefties and he has. In 54 at bats against southpaws he has a .817 OPS. They need to stop using him against righties, that's Girardi's problem, not Jones'.

          • hardnose says:

            Andruw Jones is hitting in the .230's against lefties…to his credit, he has hit a few home runs from that side but he's also struck out 21 times in 55 at bats…he's obp is 60 points lower than last year…the fact that he's hitting .118 against righties can be somewhat overlooked but he's not getting it done…if he was, we'd see more of him against lefties…he's a poor man's Dave Kingman…his defense is what keeps him on the team not his offense in my opinion…

          • His .802 OPS against lefties means a lot more to me than his batting average. Obviously he isn't destroying lefties, but an .802 OPS against them off the bench isn't terrible. If Cashman can find an upgrade for him then great, but there is no point in simply releasing the guy.

  2. stevehenn says:

    The word on Montero is that he is not a good defensive catcher. That could ultimately hurt his development, if he cannot get on the same page as the pitchers. Can he hit, yes, but catch, who knows. All I can argue is that he needs to DH or maybe put an OF glove on him. If he comes up to the Yankees, and fails at catching, ie: lofts balls into the outfield trying to throw them to second, or if he can't call a game properly, his hitting is going to suffer up here. Personally, I wish they put him into the outfield, given that he can cover enough space to field the position effectively.

  3. Joe says:

    Monetro not being called up is just another reason why the Yankees need change atop the brass.

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