Lou Piniella: My Managing Career is Over

lou-piniellaVia Mike Mazzeo of ESPN New York:

“My managing career is over,” said Lou Piniella, who made his Old-Timers’ debut on Sunday afternoon. “I’m gonna enjoy my family. My grandkids. I’m gonna enjoy my life.

“There comes a time for everybody, and my time came last year. I made the right decision. I don’t miss it. I love the game of baseball, but boy, to come in here and explain why I didn’t take a pitch out or why i didn’t pinch-hit or why I didn’t bunt, well, that was enough.”

Piniella said it wasn’t difficult to walk away.

“I played until I was 41, so I probably overstepped my boundaries,” Piniella said. “But if you’ve been around this game enough, you know when it’s time. You know.”

If you are like me, part of you has always wanted to see Lou Piniella come back to manage the Yankees again ever since he left in the late 80’s. Watching Piniella don the pinstripes yesterday led me to think about his possible return for just a minute.

I know it’s not possible, especially with Joe Girardi having just signed a new three-year deal, but it is nice to think about. I wish he would at least serve as bench coach for a year or two. Even that is unlikely though. We’ll have to settle for Old Timer’s Day.

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3 Responses to Lou Piniella: My Managing Career is Over

  1. roy says:

    Anyway, Mattingly is getting in his reps in LA. He may be in the wings.

  2. Mike Sommer says:

    Loved Lou as a hitting coach. Managing the pitchers? Another story.

  3. Susan says:

    I too wanted Lou back as our manager. I think it was after the 2006 season I saw "Breaking news" on the ESPN ticker and it said that the Yankees had fired Joe Torre and would replace him with Lou Piniella. I was ecstatic but the next morning I learned it was not true. It's great to see him put on the Pinstripes again. As for Mattingly, I'll pass. Nothing has or ever has indicated he's some great manager. A great ball player does not mean a great manager. To me, he has no fire in his belly and doesn't have a great strategic mind. I'll take Joe G any day and if not him someone else. Just not Don. Once he put on the hated Dodger uniform, I lost respect for him. To me that's as bad as going to Boston. And for you that remember the old days, you surely hate the Dodgers too.

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