Mark Teixeira Leaves Game with Knee Contusion

mark-teixeiraMark Teixeira left Tuesday night’s game against the Red Sox early after he was hit in the right knee by Jon Lester and immediately dropped to the ground. He was taken to the hospital where X-Rays came back negative, but he has been diagnosed with a knee contusion and will be re-evaluated tomorrow, according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post.

Teixeira will almost definitely miss at least a few games as the injury looked pretty bad at the time, but the Yankees dodged a bullet. With Eric Chavez on the DL, Jorge Posada is really their only backup for Teixeira and with a bad glove and a old bat, he is not much of a backup. Posada is also the DH, so he himself would need to be replaced.

This doesn’t mean that Teixeira will necessarily avoid DL time, he just won’t spend extended time on the DL. In that case the Yankees could call up Jorge Vazquez, but there is no guarantee the success he’s had in the minors would translate to the majors and his defense is poor. So the Yankees will certainly suffer if Teixeira spends any amount of time on the DL.

We won’t know much until they re-evaluate him tomorrow, but best case scenario seems to be a couple of days. One to three weeks out is not out of the question.

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9 Responses to Mark Teixeira Leaves Game with Knee Contusion

  1. Mike S. says:

    What they also could do is not use Posada as the backup for Teixeira but to move Swisher to 1B and then platoon Dickerson and Jones in RF, and work from there. For example, tonight’s lineup vs. Wakefield could be: Jeter SS, Granderson CF, Cano 2B, Alex 3B, Swisher 1B, Martin C, Posada DH, Gardner LF and Dickerson RF. The question then becomes what the lineup would look like vs. lefty pitching. You may want to switch up a bit so that Granderson and Cano don’t hit 2/3. Jeter SS/DH, Swisher 1B, Cano 2B, Alex 3B/DH, Martin C, Granderson CF, *****, Jones RF and Nunez SS/3B/LF?/DH. The question then becomes what to do with Nunez/Gardner/Posada. Greg Golson just came off the DL and in four games for SWB is 5 for 15 since doing that. He may not be ready for a callup since it’s just four games. I left the **** because you could possibly plug Vazquez in there as the DH, risk batting Posada there as DH (batting righty), move Jones up to 7th and keep the lefty-hitting Gardner in the lineup in the 8 spot, etc.

  2. Joe says:

    Does anyone know what the tally is for Hit batters in the last 5 years of Yankee – Red Sox games. The Red Sox have hit a ton of our hitters. I remember one game when Jeter and Soriano went to the hospital. time to get the Red Sox to move their feet in the batters box.

    • That was 2003 when Jeter and Soriano both went to the hospital. I would say the nature of the rivalry is entirely different since then.

      • Mike Sommer says:

        I looked it up a few years ago. I forget the time frame I used, but in that time frame it was something like Boston hit 52 of our batters to the Yankees hitting 34 of theirs. I am shocked at what Sherman said tonight: that Ortiz has never been hit by Yankees pitchers. Ever. I'm with Francesa when he says that it is LONG PAST TIME to put Ortiz on his ass. I turn 50 at the end of the year and probably only hit 50 with my pitches but I throw right at his ass. He's way too comfortable up there. Does anyone think Raschi, Reynolds, Clemens or a Gibson, Drysdale, Ryan would let Big Papi just own them? Hell, no. Gooden tweeted that if Ortiz had flipped his bat (as he did after the HR off Nova) in the 1980s, he'd have been knocked on his ass. One friend of mine is tired of seeing the Yanks look like p****** (you can figure it out) in getting bulled by the Red Sox, and so far in losing seven of eight to them this year, they are getting bullied. They are taking liberties on the basepaths. (Thought Cervelli was there for his defense; two errors tonight). They are just digging in at the plate. No dusting them off. C'mon Yanks, get tough.

  3. hardnose says:

    Joe, i think we owe them a few…i'd go after Youkilis first…nothing to the head of course but I'd like to see CC plunk him in the butt…

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