Posada Has Until All-Star Game to Prove Himself

Via Ian O’Connor of ESPN New York:

Posada doesn’t have two more seasons beyond this one on his contract, with a player option for a third. He has only until the All-Star break, give or take a couple of weeks, to prove he can be a productive member of a winning Yankees team.

If he fails in that pursuit, his distinguished career in pinstripes will end. The Yankees would never release Posada before his best friend’s milestone achievement, likely arriving by the end of next week. They don’t want to release him at all, in fact, not after he’s given them so many years of Thurman-like grit.

But they will do what they have to do if Posada’s play forces them to do it, a truth that makes his three hits more meaningful than the two hits Jeter managed in reducing his magic number to 12.

It’s hard to imagine that the Yankees would actually release Jorge Posada, but it very well could happen if he remains a black hole in the lineup. The Yankees are near the bottom of the league in terms of offense from their DH and if Posada can’t help to change that, the Yankees will have to find somebody else who can.

The Yankees could have a couple of options here. The most obvious is Jesus Montero who could be called up and DH while occasionally catching. Or the Yankees could attempt at making a deal for someone like Vladimir Guerrero perhaps.

Whatever it is, it just makes sense that a hitter who is hitting just .195 into June would be in danger of losing his job.

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11 Responses to Posada Has Until All-Star Game to Prove Himself

  1. Mike Sommer says:

    There is nothing less valuable than a part-time .195 hitting DH who never (or almost never) takes the field, and can't even PR off the bench because of his lack of speed.

    • allen says:

      If Jorge had been on 3rd last night when that pitch rolled to the backstop, I bet he'd have scored.

  2. NYYTRUEBLUE says:

    After watching Cervelli playing catch with Granderson last night I'm trying to rationalize how having Posada behind the plate once or twice a week to spell Martin could be any worse. Even though Cervelli got 3 hits, he is normally an out waiting to happen. With Posada behind the plate we would at least have another bat in the lineup by using Jones, Nunez, or Chaves. I can't believe how Girardi's dislike for Posada is effecting his decisions regarding the lineup.

    • This is an article about how Posada has about a month to start hitting or his career will end short, and you are calling for him to play more?

      Realistically the Yankees would be better off if he were completely cut from the team TODAY.

      • NYYTRUEBLUE says:

        Absolutely, Posada should play more. Posada will hit if given more of an opportunity. Cervelli will never hit and he is showing that he is a terrible defensive catcher to boot!

  3. David K. says:

    This is why I did not understand why Montero didn't make the team out of spring. Even though he didn't hit in spring, that means nothing. He would have been a better choice than Cervelli. His defense can't be any worse than Cervelli. His bat fits better on this team, which needs a spark offensively with all the old guys getting older. He would have been developing all this time instead of rotting in the minors. We still have no idea how good he is.

  4. ipscshooter says:

    Posada's DH numbers:

    DH 46 149 14 29 7 0 6 18 23 37 0 1 0 0 .306 .362 .668 .195

    You had this guy last year, and could have had him again this year, for a lot less than you're paying Jorge:

    RF 53 173 37 57 9 0 14 43 38 30 0 3 3 0 .447 .624 1.071 .329

    • Please, nobody could have guessed that Lance Berkman was going to have a good year this year and on top of that, the Yankees already had Posada under contract. There really was no room to sign Berkman.

  5. ginoTheK says:

    Yankees have more to worry about than Posada…. bullpen is down, starting pitching is down, etc, etc oh, yeah, and they just can't get by the Red Sx…..

    • The Red Sox are good, we knew that when they were 2-10. We know that well now that they've gone 33-16 since.

      As for the rotation. What happened? You wouldn't be overreacting to 2 bad starts would you? This isn't football, you know?

      • hardnose says:

        starting pitching has been solid…Posada has been hitting…we've got some decent relievers that will have to fill the void…also a boat load of talented pitchers at AAA and AA…

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