Rangers Accuse Yankees of Sign Stealing

Via Brian Heyman of the Journal News:

Rangers catcher Yorvit Torrealba has created a stir the last two nights, accusing the Yankees of trying to tip pitch location to the hitters from second base, according to Andruw Jones. Torrealba said something to Mark Teixeira on Tuesday and then yelled at Jones at one point Wednesday during a mound visit.

“He was yelling at one of our guys and I don’t appreciate that,” Girardi said.

Jones said Torrealba was just trying to make excuses for the staff getting pounded.

“Guys get paranoid,” Teixeira said.

This is really not a big deal. Sign stealing is something that every team does from time to time. Like card counting in Vegas, it is not illegal just simply frowned upon and teams will take it upon themselves to police each other when they feel that other teams are stealing their signs.

The Yankees have been getting hit at a frequent rate these days, most recently by the Indians and Red Sox. Perhaps this is part of the reason why.

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