Yankees 2011 3rd Round Draft Pick: Jordan Cote

jordan-coteWith their 3rd pick in the draft, the Yankees choose right handed pitcher Jordan Cote out of Winnisquam Regional high school in New Hampshire. He is 6-6 and 215-pounds with a fastball reportedly in the 91 mph range.


Cote is an extremely tall right-hander with present arm strength, and he’s a virtual blank slate as a pitcher, having received limited instruction. His physical tools are a pitching coach’s dream.

The New Hampshire native has been mostly 88-92 in cold weather all spring, with fringy off-speed stuff, mostly a mid-70s curveball that he needs to get on top of better. His mechanics need a cleanup, if not an overhaul; among other things he tends to get his back elbow up during his delivery, pinching his shoulders behind him and putting pressure on both joints.

He also might slide because like most New Hampshire kids, he’s tough to scout between weather, short schedule, and poor competition. But he’s pretty athletic and has very little pitching experience, so it’s all projection with lots for a player development group to work with.


“He’s the one that’s been climbing the most. I’d say Cote was one that was kind of a sleeper early in the season. People had to wait and see what you get out of him, being in a Northern climate, playing on 35-degree days more so than Mass kids. Early on, he struggled, was hitting 87-88, then over the last two or three weeks, as the weather warmed up he found his groove. He’s really climbed into the upper echelon of high school prospects. You look at that frame, 6-6, 215, and there’s a lot of projectability. You could see him filling out to 240, and see that fastball velocity increase because of the hand speed he demonstrates.”

MY TAKE: An interesting kid here. I’ve read two profiles on him, one had him at 6-3, 175-pounds, another had him at 6-6, 215-pounds. If those are both true than he’s done a lot of growing up in a short period of time. If his height is correct at 6-6, he seems to have a lot of projectability left in him which is always what you want in the draft.

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