Yankees Injury Updates: Jeter, Chavez, Colon, Feliciano, Prior

The Yankees have a lot of players on the DL right now and here are the latest updates on a few of them.

Derek Jeter, strained calf, took batting practice for the second straight day and also started a running program today. He also took some infield practice before rain interrupted.

“Everything’s good,” Jeter said. “Steps in the right direction.”

These are good signs for Jeter, but at this point he is probably still at least a week away as he will likely need a few minor league rehab starts before returning to the Bronx.

Eric Chavez, broken foot, joined Jeter for batting practice. The Yankees seem to be going slowly with him and don’t expect him back until the All-Star break.

Bartolo Colon, groin injury, threw 60 pitches in a simulated game. There is some talk that Colon might even be ready for the Mets this weekend, but it is more likely that he’ll pitch the following week.

Pedro Feliciano, shoulder tear, made 15 tosses off a bullpen mound. It’s still too early in his rehab to tell if he will come back at all this season. Brian Cashman recently suggested that they don’t expect him back at all.

Speaking of never coming back, Mark Prior, groin injury, threw off a mound for the second time in four days. That’s a positive sign, but best case scenario is he would be a month away. The Yankees would probably want him to pitch in the minor leagues for a couple of weeks before considering to call him up.

Not bad, that’s three players, Jeter, Chavez, and Colon, that the Yankees could very well get back by the All-Star break.

Rafael Soriano and Damaso Marte are still just playing catch. Soriano is expected to come back around the end of July with Marte likely out the entire season.

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5 Responses to Yankees Injury Updates: Jeter, Chavez, Colon, Feliciano, Prior

  1. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    An interesting question making the rounds lately is if Soriano should get the 8th inning back when he returns. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about that but am leaning somewhat against it. I'm still not sure why they signed him but that's beating a dead horse.

    • roy says:

      Soriano does not strike me as someone who thinks about the Yankees before himself. He was signed by the Yankees with the promise of the 8th inning and the potential to someday replace Mariano. Cashman stands up at his signing ceremony and says that he would not have signed Soriano. This guy's ego seems fragile enough without bouncing him around in the bullpen.

    • Mike Sommer says:

      I would say no to that. Swisher even endorsed Robertson for the 8th inning role, and based on his numbers, (1.15 ERA, 50 K in 31 1/3 IP) I would go with that.

  2. yankeepride says:

    thanks Rob for the info…it's not all bad…hopefully the team can stay healthy…

  3. roy says:

    They should be super conservative with Colon; they will need him in October.

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