Yankees Not Considering Promoting Killer B’s

With all of the injuries to the pitching staff going around it would seem likely that the Yankees would at least consider promoting one of the Killer B’s, but that isn’t the case according to Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York.

Cashman ruled out [Manny Banuelos] and [Andrew Brackman] on “performance” issues, and [Dellin Betances] because he has not pitched above AA. Currently, Banuelos, who turned 20 in March, is 2-0 with a 2.84 ERA for the AA Trenton Thunder, but Cashman said, “He needs better fastball command. His stuff’s great but he’s not throwing as well as he’s capable of throwing. So he’s not an option on performance alone.”

Cashman had similar things to say about the 6-10 Brackman, a former No. 1 draft pick who is 2-5 with a 6.75 ERA for AAA Scranton and has lost five in a row. “He hasn’t pitched well,” Cashman said.

This is great news. First of all, Betances and Banuelos are just not physically ready for the majors. They just have not pitched enough innings in their careers and still need more time to establish their health and consistency before even being considered for the big leagues.

Brackman on the other hand has thrown enough innings and is of age that he should be in the major leagues by now. However, he has just been awful this season as his control has completely abandoned him and he is just not good enough for the major leagues right now.

In 52 innings over 11 appearances (yes, he’s averaging less than five innings per start), Brackman has walked 40 and struck out just 39. That would represent both a career low in K/9 at 6.8 and a career high in BB/9 at 6.9. Until he gets those numbers closer to his career norms, it’ll be Scranton for Brackman.

Other pitchers that the Yankees could and should consider calling up include Adam Warren, David Phelps, and D.J. Mitchell. They should also consider using Hector Noesi, who was just sent back down to the minors, in higher leverage situations.

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One Response to Yankees Not Considering Promoting Killer B’s

  1. Mike Sommer says:

    One scout criticized the pitch count the Yanks have on Betances and Banuelos, basically saying "of course the ERAs are low. They are good, but when they get in trouble in the fifth, they hit their pitch count and leave the game. They don't learn to work it out; to work through their difficulties" After seeing Nova's troubles in getting through the fourth or fifth, I now wonder if it's Nova or the organizational philosophy. Someone like Nolan Ryan would say screw the pitch count, it's here you learn how to pitch and how to work out of it. Betances and Banuelos right now are only averaging 4 2/3 IP a game. You can't promote them on that. As for Brackman, he's never impressed me. 6.75 at AAA this year, and his overall minor league record is something like 15-28, 5.10 or so.

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