Yankees Rehab Project Mark Prior Needs Hernia Surgery


UPDATE: So Brian Cashman sent out a clarification that Prior did not have surgery for a sports hernia, but was instead tested for a sports hernia. Either way, they have re-classified his injury as an abdominal strain. This guy is so injury prone that they can’t even get his injury straight. Either way, this changes nothing. Prior is hurt, as always, and he should be expected to stay that way.

ORIGINAL POST: Yankee rehab project Mark Prior has been out since April with what was called a groin injury, but the Yankees have finally diagnosed it as a sports hernia and he will likely need surgery, according to Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York.

No word on exactly how long the Yankees expect Prior out now, but it is safe to say that he won’t be back quickly. A month or two is probably safe and like I’ve said in the past, this guy will probably never pitch in the Bronx.

This comes as bad news as Joba Chamberlain was just diagnosed with a torn elbow ligament and the Yankees will certainly be on the look out for bullpen help now. It would have been nice if Prior could have filled that spot.

Perhaps the Yankees will make a trade for Kerry Wood two years in a row.

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