Yankees to Sign RHP Brian Gordon

The Yankees will sign right handed pitcher Brian Gordon after he opts-out of his minor league contract with the Phillies, according to Ken Davidoff of Newsday.

Gordon can opt out of his contract with the Phillies at 6:00 p.m. if he is not placed on the Phillies major league roster, according to Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News. So unless they change their minds and call him up today by that time, the Yankees should be able to land him.

Gordon, 32, is a former outfield prospect who became a pitcher later on in his minor league career. He has made three appearances at the major league level all back in 2008 with the Texas Rangers where he put up a 2.25 ERA in four innings.

As part of their agreement to sign him, the Yankees must place him on the major league roster so there will be no stashing him in Triple-A. Which is fine as the Yankees plan on using the pitcher, who has a 1.14 ERA in 12 Triple-A appearances this season, in place of the injured Bartolo Colon on Thursday.

This may upset some fans who would prefer to see Hector Noesi or David Phelps get the start in Colon’s place, but this simply gives the Yankees one more option. Gordon has been red hot all season long and they are simply trying to see if that will carry over to the major leagues. If it does, they still have their prospects in the minors and if it doesn’t they can simply DFA Gordon and go to Noesi or Phelps afterward.

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8 Responses to Yankees to Sign RHP Brian Gordon

  1. Maybe I should have included this in the article, but Joel Sherman thinks, and I bet he's right, that the plan is for Gordon and Noesi to tag team start this Thursday. Go with Gordon and at the first sign of trouble switch to Noesi. That works for me. It also lines Noesi up for that rotation spot should they decide to reverse it next week.

  2. hardnose says:

    I don't see why you bring in a soon to be 33 year old pitcher who has spent his lifetime (since 1997) in the minors. We've got decent pitching prospects with Noesi, Warren, Phelps and Mitchell…shouldn't these guys get some big league experience to ready them for a starting role in the future…from what I've seen from Noesi, he's a gamer and should be given the start…that's not a good vote of confidence sending in this career minor leaguer, a born again pitcher in lieu of Noesi…

  3. He's not just a typical minor leaguer. He only became a pitcher in 2007 and was absolutely dominating in Triple-A this season. He cost the Yankees nothing to acquire and if he sucks they can easily release him. Besides, the Yankees have Noesi available to pitch tomorrow if Gordon doesn't do well.

    Fear of blocking a prospect is way overblown. This is about having as many options as possible.

    • hardnose says:

      what it cost the Yankees to acquire Gordon is not the point…what it does prevent is the ability for these young AAA pitching prospects to get a chance before guys like Betances and Banuelos make their way up to the parent club…B&B, although less experienced then our boys at AAA, will get the rotation spots if they produce at AAA…their ceilings are higher…these young AAA guys have a window to show there stuff this year or next…i don't want to see another Ian Kennedy type developing with another team because they weren't given the chance at the major league level…the fact is that the Yankees cannot accommodate every AAA pitcher for a starting role but the Yankees have overlooked some gems of late…you can only learn by you mistakes by not making them again…i get that the Yankees may have plucked a decent pitcher from the Phillies as his opt out clause allowed for such a transaction to take place but he is not part of the Yankees plans for the future…i'm of two mind here…i think this guy could be a nice find but on the other hand, he clearly does block a guy like Noesi from showing his stuff…who knows, maybe Noesi becomes part of another Cashman trade deadline blunder…i'd rather see more of Noesi before we ship him out…

      • You are making way too big a deal about this. If he stinks then you are talking about Noesi missing out on a chance to get 1 or 2 starts, which in the grand scheme of things means nothing. If he is good, then you get a good pitcher out of it while still saving Noesi. It's about increasing their options which is almost always a good thing.

  4. Susan says:

    Well, he looked pretty decent today. No reason not to give him another start.

  5. hardnose says:

    I felt good about that start…maybe the Yankees have found a diamond in the rough…still think that Noesi could have handled that start but this guy may have something to offer…who knows!

  6. Keep the comments on topic and there is no reason for name calling.

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