Any Day Now: Derek Jeter Just 3 Hits from 3,000

derek-jeter-thunderDerek Jeter went one-for-three yesterday leaving him with 2,997 hits in his career. Jeter will look to pick up those three hits in a four game weekend series in the Bronx against the Rays.

He can do it any game now too. He has picked up at least three hits twice this season (he actually got four hits in each of those games). So it’s not out of the question that he can take care of this in just one game.

Jeter will be facing Rays pitchers Jeff Niemann, Jeremy Hellickson, David Price, and James Shields as he tries to get his hits. Neimann is particularly prone to giving up hits to Jeter. He has over a 5.00 ERA and Jeter is already 5-for-9 off of him.  Hellickson has only faced him twice, but Price does well against him (.240 vs Price), but Jeter hits .315 off of Shields.

My guess is that he will hit his 3,000th on Friday, but that seems optimistic. What do you think?

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5 Responses to Any Day Now: Derek Jeter Just 3 Hits from 3,000

  1. Mike Sommer says:

    I am hoping for Friday. I will be going to that one! I have a friend going on Saturday, and a busload of my friends are going on Sunday. I'm allowed to be selfish and hope for me, right? So I am really hoping for Friday!

  2. Ero says:

    This is selfish and bit sick, but hoping for an 0-For tonight, two hits on Friday, and 3000 on Saturday when I'll be there.

  3. yankeepride says:

    Sort of anti-climatic…i hope Jeter starts hitting again…i realize that he's not 25 years old anymore and on the tail end of his career but it would be nice if he can add something offensively…congrats on your upcoming 3,000 hits, it's quite an accomplishment but let's get a few key one's in 2011…

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