D-Rob and CC Named All-Stars, CC Not Going

The Yankees initially had six All-Stars (Derek Jeter, Curtis Granderson, Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano, Russell Martin, and Mariano Rivera), but eventually three of them dropped out (A-Rod, Jeet, and Mo). Two more were named All-Stars today, David Robertson and CC Sabathia, unfortunately CC is not allowed to pitch in the game since he pitched Sunday.

Robertson replaced David Price due to “turf toe” and Sabathia replaced James Shields who could not pitch because he pitched Sunday. Sabathia also pitched Sunday (against Shields) so he is being replaced by the Ranger’s Alexi Ogando (who by the way is averaging less than five innings per outing with a 5.79 ERA since June 14).

So in total the Yankees have had eight players named to this year’s All-Star game and only four are actually planning on playing. Jeter is not even planning on attending the event despite the fact that there are quite a few who would like to see him go and celebrate him picking up hit no. 3,000. Celebrating personal achievements is not very Jeterian however.


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