Jimenez Trade Rumors: Rockies Don’t Like Montero As Centerpiece 22

Via Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated:

says person w/ ties to rox: “montero will not be the centerpiece of (ubaldo) deal.” theyll take him but not at best piece

This doesn’t mean that the Rockies don’t want Montero, you can bet they do. It more likely means that they want Manny Banuelos or Dellin Betances as the centerpiece for any trade involving Ubaldo Jimenez. The Yankees have said that they won’t include Banuelos, Betances, or even Ivan Nova in any deal that already includes Montero.

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22 thoughts on “Jimenez Trade Rumors: Rockies Don’t Like Montero As Centerpiece

  • David, Jr.

    Don't dismiss the idea of Hughes as the centerpiece, thereby allowing them to keep Banuelos and Betances.

  • David, Jr.

    The only thing is that for the Rox that level of team control might not be enough compared to what they would give up.

  • Susan

    I agree, let's deal Hughes while he still has at least some trade value. In a couple years he won't.

  • stevehenn

    Either a negotiating ploy or a sign that Montero is losing his title as a "top prospect." However, it's simple to understand that Colorao would want a plethora of young pitching in return for their ace, along with a bat such as Montero.

    Colorado's apparent initial asking price is ridiculous, but a trade is like buying a used car. However, I would argue that Colorado really doesn't want to deal its ace at the present time, especially with the kind of contract he has. I think that they are doing what they should be doing: listening for what they could get for their star player and maybe get lucky with a big payout.

    However Rob, I do have a question and I'd like your opinion. Not as a response for Colorado not wanting to center a potential deal around Montero, but do you get the sense that Jesus is losing his standing as one of the elite prospects in baseball? I mean, he's tough to find a position for, especially if he's not suited to be a long term catcher in the Major Leagues.

  • stevehenn

    He's better than what they currently have behind CC, but would his stuff/makeup translate well into the pressures of New York and the AL East? I'm not well informed on his makeup, but it's hard not to like his stuff. Also, they'd have to give up a lot for him, but in the end, the players that will comprise of "a lot" are still prospects. However, it would be difficult to watch, for example Montero, rake in Colorado and Betances and or Banuelos mow down hitters in Colorado (if they pan out as prospects of course)

  • BillyBall15

    Imagine this for one second. Two years down the road….

    Delin Betances from Brooklyn NY becomes the ace for the Rockies with a 3.5 era and overpowering K’s to BB. He makes all star team, of course pitching in the weak national league along side fellow former Yankee farmhand all stars (Ian Kennedy and Jeff Karstens). Jesus Montero becomes a 35 Hr 120 RBI guy batting fourth in front of Troy tulowitzki. ivan Nova with his 4.00 era in the American league is the Rockies number two starter winning 16 games per year. The Rockies are contending each season.

    Now to the yankees, Ubaldo jimenez wins 16 games in the american league with a 4.15 era and diminished fastball. He is inconsistent and really a number two pitcher. Factor in Arod is struggling to hit 30+ HR’s and 100Rbi’s and the Yankee lineup lacks legit power as Texiera is inconsistent. The younger Red Sox dominate the division. The Yankees lineup looks old and cannot produce runs on consistent basis. Oh yeah and Ubaldo Jimenez hits free agency in 2013 and decides he does not like NY and NY does not like him so he leaves……
    Now you just traded away good young players for a pitcher with an attitude and diminished fastball. Yankee fans who wanted this trade will be blaming Cashman and calling for him to be fired.

    Think about what you are giving up. If you are willing to back up the truck for a national league pitcher with an attitude and herky jerky motion as well as a diminished fastball struggling to hit 92 numerous games this year (FACT), than lets go for it. ………

    Im not trading more than one of our big prospects for anyone not named King Felix or Clayton Kershaw.

  • gcx302

    BillyBall – Good comment even though I don't agree with the assessment of Jiminez (think he is and will be a legit #2 pitcher – now matter WHAT team he plays for).

    As for the trade itself of the idea of the Yankees ONLY letting go of top prospects for one of the ELITE pitchers in MLB (Lee, Hernandez, etc.) – first – NOT going to happen. Second, if the Yanks cannot upgrade the current staff (they COULD BE good, but simply TOO many questions/holes) they have – they will go to the playoffs – but NOT get past the first round.

    It is that simple, and about the same deal EVERY year with the Yankees. Do they do ALL possible to get a true #2 starter – or do they try to finesse, trick, etc, other teams into giving up a top-quality starter for lesser prospects. Do you think that all GM's are idiots?

    Yanks can and will contend every year – but for those fans who really want that legit shot at getting to the World Series at least every 2nd to 3rd year – the Yankees MUST HAVE at least two top flight pitchers. To me (other than consideration to Andy Pettite – a true warrior) – the only pitchers of this caliber that they have had in the past 10 years are CC and Roger Clemens. They simply have NOT been able to produce a true ACE (ala, Lincecum, Hamels, etc.) from their minor league system (** their has also been bad luck involved of course, such as the case in the mid-1990's with "can't miss" prospect Brien Taylor…, and then the decision by current top minor league prospect Cole Gerritt to go to college and not sign with the Yanks…)

    Now, once again the decision: Pass on legitimate #2 (again – Yanks are NOT going to get a #1 type at any point in the near future – but if they can keep CC… really don't need that anyway) OR, wait and see if your current top prospects (Banuelos and Bettances) can be that #2 guy.

    If you are of the opinion that Banuelos, Bettances – or both – will be a legitimate #1 or #2 starter – then yes – don't worry about a WS appearance this year – just wait for these guys and focus on 2012 and 2013.

    **By the way – my opinion: I would rather trade a prospect ANY DAY – then trade a young pitcher who has proven himself and not had "issues".

    What does that mean? It means that I would NOT trade Ivan Nova – but I would trade Phil Hughes. Nova will not likely ever be a #2 spot pitcher – but he has proven solid and simply developed along nicely – without any glaring setbacks. That to me – makes him a solid #3 or
    #4 pitcher – for any team – Yankees included. Hughes on the other hand – flashes of being a good #2 or #3 and still a decent amount of potential. But has had quite a few issues along the way – and he has been in the Yankees overall system for over 7 years now… He is still young, but JUST ONCE I would like to see the Yankees have an "immediate bang guy" – like a Tim Lincecum or Matt Cain, who come in and are fantastic right from their first year…

    All this said – here is a trade I would sign off on: Hughes, Bettances, and one other prospect for Jiminez. (**leave Banuelos out of the picture, and Montero also since the rumor is that the Rockies are not that fixated on Montero).

  • Joe

    I wouldn't let go of neither Banuelos or Betances but I would package Montero, Nova, and another prospect for Ubaldo. Look at his numbers away from Coors this year 2.28ERA 0.90WHIP .158BAA SICK!! and almost identical to 2010 road numbers. So basically away from Coors he's the BEST pitcher in MLB(don't sleep on this guy). I'm not ready to give up on Hughes just yet either. IMO he showed a ton of promise out of the pen that year and I think he's about to come around as a starter, I think he has good front end stuff, Nova not as much.

  • John

    I agree Ubaldo would help the Yankees today and in the future but the Rockies have said it would take a "Herschel Walker type deal" to get him
    that is most likely just big timing but still I just dont see a team giving up a guy they can control and is that good that young like King Felix aswell.
    Love to get either though trust me.
    Have a great night Yankees fans and lets hope we see Tampa knocked down the standings.

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