Jimenez Trade Rumors: Rockies Not Serious in Trade Talks

ubaldo-jimenezVia Jayson Stark of ESPN:

An official of team that checked in on Ubaldo Jimenez says we should stop talking about him b/c Rockies never had serious intent to deal him.

All along this seemed to be the case as the Rockies said that they would need a “Herschel Walker” type of a deal to move him. For the non-football fans out there, Walker was traded from the Cowboys to the Vikings in a move that decimated the Vikings roster and is generally considered one of the worst trades in NFL history. The Yankees are not stupid, they may want Jimenez, they may want him really badly, but they are not going to grossly overpay for anybody.

This doesn’t meant talks are officially dead. There is still more than a week before the trade deadline and a lot can change between now and then. It isn’t likely though as Jimenez is a young, talented pitcher, who is signed to a very team friendly deal. There is no rush for them to trade him. If anything he’ll have the same value this offseason.

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