Jimenez Trade Rumors: Rockies Want Montero, Banuelos, Betances, and Nova 9

Via Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated:

how apart are rox, yanks? colo seeks banuelos, betances AND nova w/ montero. nyy says it wont trade any of those 3 w/ jesus

There is no chance that the Yankees would ever trade Jesus Montero, Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, and Ivan Nova in the same trade. There is no way they would even include three of those players in the same deal. But it does make sense for the Rockies to at least start there, test the Yankees desperation.

I would hate to see Nova hold up another blockbuster deal (the Yankees wouldn’t include him in a deal for Cliff Lee last season), however his numbers, 8-4 and 4.12 ERA, are impressive for a rookie. He certainly shouldn’t hold up another deal like this, but the Yankees shouldn’t just treat him as a throw-in.

Banuelos and Betances should not be traded, especially together, they should do whatever they have to in order to keep from including either in a deal. Both is just not going to happen Montero or not. If they have to deal one, Banuelos is considered the better prospect so he should probably be the one they hang on to, but Betances has sick potential as well, it would be a shame to see either of them leave.

Part of me feels like there isn’t much of a chance this deal goes down in July. Maybe the two sides can revisit this in the winter.

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9 thoughts on “Jimenez Trade Rumors: Rockies Want Montero, Banuelos, Betances, and Nova

  • Gonzalo Hiram Reyes Casanova

    That is crazy, never, hahaha, but it's ok they needed to ask for everything
    Definitely I would try to hold on Banuelos and Betances
    We could give something extremely good like the next 5 players:
    1.- Montero
    2.- Nova
    3.- Brackman, Phelps, Warren, Mitchell, Peña OR Laird
    4 and 5.- 2 players to be named (not top prospects)

  • David K.

    Should we give up a guy who is 8-4 for a guy who is well below .500, almost the reverse of Nova's record? Sounds like another A.J. Burnett. I don't see the point of giving up anything more than one of Betances/Banuelos plus Brackman and two or three other prospects and maybe someone like Brett Gardner. I don't like the fact that Jimenez has lost five mph off his fastball from last yr. His track record is only a couple of yrs too. Not much to go on. We'd be pretty stupid to include Nova in this deal.

  • Susan

    Geez, why don't they ask for Tex, Grandy and Cano too? NO WAY would I make this trade giving up all those guys. As for Nova vs. Jiminez, right now I agree Jiminez is better but who's to say Nova won't be better in a year or two? An 8-4 record in the AL as a rookie is very impressive. I just don't trust most National League pitchers coming to the AL. I know playing in Colorado is comparable to the AL but the lineups of the two leagues is incomparable. I say let's keep Nova, Banuelos and Betances and in two or three years we will be thrilled to have them.

  • Susan

    Well, I'm not really comparing Jiminez and Nova as far as styles go. It would be like comparing Roger Clemens with Greg Maddux. Very different styles, both great pitchers. Clemens with his steroids and Maddux with his 3 foot strike zone. Sorry, couldn't resist. I just think for once we should hold on to these youngsters for a while and see what develops, unless someone like Felix Hernandez or a proven stud is available.

    Now if they wanted Nova as the centerpiece to this trade maybe I'd do it but not for three of our best prospects AND Nova. Since Oakland always seems to want to dump good players, how about we try to get Gio Gonzalez?

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