MLB Trade Rumors: James Shields Likely Available to Highest Bidder

james-shieldsIn this morning’s column by Buster Olney of ESPN, Olney discusses the Rays and how they are willing to discuss trade proposals for any players on their roster and one name that has begun coming up in trade talks is righty James Shields.

Olney reports that the Rays aren’t holding out hope of making the playoffs this season and may attempt to capitalize on Shield’s high trade value right now as he is in the middle of one of the best seasons of his career.

The Rays were willing to discuss deals with the Yankees when they traded Matt Garza, although rumors were that they wanted more from the Yanks since they were dealing within their own division. No word on whether or not the Yankees like the idea of sending a package of their best prospects to a division rival. Garza was expensive so it stands that Shields won’t come cheap either.

Shields is owed $28 million in the form of team options through 2014. He is 29 and in the best year of his career, putting up a 2.60 ERA in 20 games with a 137 ERA+.

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4 Responses to MLB Trade Rumors: James Shields Likely Available to Highest Bidder

  1. Ryan says:

    Betances and Montero plus a mid level prospect. He has proven himself against the best.
    i would trade for him over Jiminez.

  2. Jxs3 says:

    I agree with the fact that he would be a better fit than Ubaldo. But, Montero AND Betances ++? May be a little heavy.

    I always laugh when I read a team "wants more to trade within the division". Is it a donation?? The Yankees will ALSO have to face the kids they'd be giving BACK for years to come. Just make the best damn trade!

  3. Ryan says:

    For Sheilds I would give them both of them. I think Montero is no more than a DH, and from what I read Romine and Sanchez are both better. Plus, I feel Martin is doing a good job and you could get a backup for him. Betances, if I am correct, has been injured several times and after Pavano, that scares me. There is no way I would deal Banuelos though. I think he is the second coming of Johan Santana.

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