MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees Like Hiroki Kuroda

The Yankees starting pitching situation hasn’t been dire so far this season as many expected, but it could end up that way soon if Bartolo Colon and Phil Hughes don’t return to form. On that note, Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated tweeted earlier today that the Yankees like Hiroki Kuroda of the Dodgers.

The Yankees would certainly have some company in their pursuit of Kuroda as in the same tweet Heyman noted that the Red Sox have let the Dodgers know they are interested as well. We do know that the Yankees are more inclined to go after rental starting pitchers, as Kuroda would be, rather than spend lots in prospects to land a more long-term solution.

There is also one other possible snag in any deal the Yankees could make for Kuroda, he has a full no trade clause and has indicated that he would need some form of compensation to waive it. That could mean that he is looking for an extension from any team looking to deal for him. If that turns out to be the case it could mean the Yankees won’t go after him as hard as they otherwise would, again, preferring rental starters. Kuroda is 36-years-old after all, getting him past this season might not be the smartest idea depending on the money.

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  1. Susan says:

    I don't like this at all. Sure, he's pretty decent in the crappy NL West but bring him to the AL East and he'd get lit up. Let the Sox get him and let's see him try to pitch in that absolutely deplorable excuse for a stadium in Boston.Living out here in California I've seen him pitch plenty and he doesn't impress me plus at 36 years old, forget it.

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