Pedro Feliciano Shut Down with Shoulder Pain

Yankees reliever Pedro Feliciano has been a total bust so far and it is looking like that will not change anytime soon. His rehab was shutdown on Wednesday after he suffered pain in his shoulder, according to Marc Carig of the Star Ledger.

Feliciano is on the disabled list since tearing a capsule in his shoulder. There has not been much chance that he would come back this season, looking even more likely now, but he was attempting rehab as his last chance at pitching this season. I suppose there is a chance that his season isn’t over, but this makes it extremely unlikely.

Feliciano is in the first year of a two-year $8 million contract that also has a team option for 2013. Brian Cashman criticized the way the Mets used him in the past and said that circumstances forced him to sign the lefty reliever.

Rafael Soriano‘s rehab is progressing well. He threw a bullpen Wednesday and is scheduled to throw another one Thursday as well. As of right now it seems that he will be ready to go shortly after the All-Star break.

Damaso Marte is throwing as well, but it’s going to be quite a while before he comes back still, if at all.

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8 Responses to Pedro Feliciano Shut Down with Shoulder Pain

  1. Mike Sommer says:

    Feliciano is done for the year and surgery is likely. __As for Eric Chavez, good news (in a way). The back pain was a kidney stone, which he has passed. I'm not mocking a kidney stone. I had one and it was hell on earth. But at least it wasn't a disc or torn muscle or anything like that. Now that it's gone, it's back to working out and rehab. Hopefully he'll be back soon.

  2. He still has the abdominal issue though so it's not like Chavez is in the clear. Although the stone was certainly good news.

    I'm also thinking that surgery at this point could very well knock Feliciano out for next season as well. Shoulder surgery is nasty stuff. Too bad Cashman was dumb enough to sign a pitcher who could have been one of the most abused in all of baseball.

  3. Rob i'm like you defending Cashman, i don't know what was he thinking with this sign.
    Colon, Garcia, Prior, Chavez, they came cheap so there are no problems, whatever they can do is possitive but Feliciano Feliciano came very well paid and there were a lot, for that price there were Fuentes, Takahashi, Downs or Choate.
    Some of them would have costed a draft pick but with more communication within the team it was better giving the pick for a lefty reliever instead of Soriano and that ridiculous deal.

    Now, what do you think about a deal for Sean Burnett?

  4. Mike Sommer says:

    __From Twitter: Buster_ESPNBuster Olney____ __Meanwhile, Sean Burnett of the Nationals has ERA close to 6, and 6 strikeouts of lefties in 49 ABs. Would that translate in AL East?__

  5. Mike Sommer says:

    I preferred Downs (5-2, 1.57 right now) but forget that, isn't happening with the Angels. But since the Marlins have sunk faster than the Titanic, the Yanks might want to look at Choate: Once again, from Twitter, Olney:

    Buster_ESPNBuster Olney

    Randy Choate has done what he was asked to do when the Marlins signed him to a 2-year deal: lefties are 5-for-48, with 20 strikeouts.

  6. Mike Sommer says:

    Olney wrote that last night before a Choate appearance. Make that now that lefties are now 5 for 50 with 21 strikeouts vs. Choate. And only one walk.

  7. yankeepride says:

    it would be a huge boost to the bullpen if Soriano can come back and pitch well…we're scrapping the bottom of the barrel on major league ready relievers in our system…

    • Why are we doing that, if Mitre is going to waste innings why not doing Venditte, Whelan or Kontos. Why do we need to bring people from ouyside every time.
      No more Gordon, Wade, Millwood, Silva, Mitre, etc. Of course that not all of them are bad but please let's give our prospects that chance.
      The same for Vazquez, Golson, Montero, Romine, Joseph, we could argue about Dickerson, Jones, Chavez and our lineup is very good, any injury or things like that let's try our prospects

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