Rumors: Sabathia Persuading Fielder to Join Yankees

Via Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated:

Word is, CC Sabathia has done some selling on the Yankees to his good buddy Fielder. This doesn’t necessarily mean the Yankees will make a play for Fielder, as Sabathia could be acting on his own. But it may be a sign that Sabathia has an indication the Yankees will take care of him. His opt-out likely gives him the power to add two or maybe three years to a contract that will have $92 million over four years remaining after the year.

Even if Sabathia somehow did talk Prince Fielder into wanting to become a Yankee he would likely still have to persuade the Yankees into signing him. Fielder, who has said that he could be willing to become a DH, is possibly in line to get the biggest pay day out of any free agent this offseason. The Yankees usually are the ones giving out the biggest pay days too, but they likely know that throwing huge dollars at a DH is a waste of money.

More than any other position there are always quite a few DH options available on the free agent market each year. So should the Yankees ever want to go that route for a DH, they could get good production out of somebody for a lot less than they could get from Fielder. Besides, they probably won’t need to look outside of the organization for that spot for a few years thanks to Alex Rodriguez.

A-Rod will miss the next month or so with knee surgery, this coming just two years after major hip surgery. So it is safe to say that having an open DH spot could easily be filled by him. There is also Derek Jeter to consider as an internal option.

All of that makes it very unlikely that they would go after Fielder. Heyman is probably right in his thinking though that this very well could mean that CC is planning on staying in the Bronx long term. That seems to have always been the case, but with his opt-out clause looming it is always fun to talk about. Realistically he seems likely to just turn it into a 2-4 year extension.

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8 Responses to Rumors: Sabathia Persuading Fielder to Join Yankees

  1. David says:

    DJ is NOT a DH!!! He doesn't hit – the DH is normally a power hitter that can't field!

    Jeet is still a viable option at SS, w/ the lineup the Yanks have they can survive w/ a SS hitting 260 and playing solid SS.

    I agree A-rod needs to be full time DH – but probably 2-3 years from now.

  2. Susan says:

    I agree with David, I do not want to see Jeter as a DH. When he is unable to play SS any longer he needs to accept the role as a bench player. He won't be able to play any other position. Personally, I'd love to see Price Fielder as our DH, a real clean up hitter and don't see it as a waste of money.

    • Every offseason there are multiple DH-types available. Usually they can be had on short-term deals as well. Fielder is likely to get $20 million a season for about 7 years. They would be heavily over-paying their DH and it would cost them roster flexibility. Not to mention a draft pick as well. There is very little upside involved.

  3. Expos #3 Fan. says:

    20 Million? He will get that from the Brewers. Its gonna cost 25-30 million to sign Fielder. Regardless its gonna cost 200 Million and thats far to much for a DH.

  4. Basebal Man says:

    Sometimes the DH is a guy that can hit AND field but there is someone even better at that position so they fill the DH role instead!

  5. hardnose says:

    Yankees need pitching not an enormously expensive DH…save your money and hope someone comes on the trade market that can be signed with an extension or wait until 2013 when better choices become available as well as Betances and/or Banuelos taking the hill…

  6. Telly Norgen says:

    Agree 100% w/hardnose. What we need first is another pitcher to go w/CC. a real one-two of top pitchers.

  7. joey d says:

    i dont think fielder is a waste of money . the dead wood the yankees have on this team will be gone soon and fielder will be in his prime .you also need to make cc happy.the yanks have to create a new core of productive players so that they will contend down the line.i cant wait for posada, burnett to be gone thats alot of money for nothing its time for a change .the core four is coming to an end.

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