Trade Rumors: The Cubs Trying to Unload Zambrano on the Yankees

As the Yankees scour the market for starting pitching there is one guy available whom they absolutely don’t want, Carlos Zambrano.

The Cubs have recently called the Yankees to try to pawn Zambrano off on them, however the Yankees have almost zero interest in the volatile pitcher, according to Jon Heyman from Sports Illustrated and Ken Rosenthal from Fox Sports.

Certainly not shocking news, but it does make you wonder how desperate the Cubs are to get rid of him and how much of his salary they were willing to eat. He is owed the pro-rated portion of his $17.875 million for 2011 and another $18 million next season. He also has an option for 2013 worth $19.25 million, but that would only vest if he finished in the top four in the Cy Young voting next year.

The problem with Zambrano is mostly his attitude. Maybe in the days of Raul Mondesi and Gary Sheffield the Yankees would have looked the other way with this, but in recent years they have gone the opposite way and focused on positive clubhouse influences like Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson. Zambrano doesn’t fit on this team.

On top of that Zambrano just turned 30 and isn’t putting together a strong season, putting up a 4.59 ERA, and he hasn’t been able to even throw 200 innings since 2007. Maybe if he were in vintage form the Yankees would reconsider, but he’s not so they don’t want to add his personality to their mix.

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