Trade Rumors: Yankees Discussing A’s Kouzmanoff

The Yankees are apparently concerned about Eduardo Nunez filling in for Alex Rodriguez at third because of his poor defense and have discussed making a deal with the Athletics for third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff, according to George King of the NY Post.

A-Rod will be out at least three to five more weeks and Nunez has been an absolute butcher this season already racking up 12 errors in part-time play. Kouzmanoff was demoted to the minors after hitting just .221 with a .615 OPS, but has done well in Triple-A. In 28 games since being demoted he has a .300 average with a .911 OPS.

He certainly wouldn’t be able to replace A-Rod’s bat, but his defense will be a huge upgrade over Nuneeeeeez. Last year he had a 16.1 UZR.

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15 Responses to Trade Rumors: Yankees Discussing A’s Kouzmanoff

  1. Susan says:

    I like it, let's do it. Nunez is ok with the bat but a dumpster fire in the field. Plus if we get Kouz, can we FINALLY be done with Pena?

  2. Pena is out 4-6 weeks so they are finally done with him anyway.

  3. Susan says:

    Praise the Lord!

  4. Mike Sommer says:

    Not a nice way to be done with Pena, as he needs an emergency appendectomy…on his 26th birthday, no less.

  5. No. Give prospects for him, never.
    .255AVG and .721OPS. Do you want to give prospects for those numbers, playing more time is how Nuñez can improve at defense, and there is Laird we don't know what could we get.
    Then we regret, there are Karstens and Clippard, we were saying no problem give them away.

  6. Nick Altieri says:

    Montero Nunez and a couple of prospects would fit the bill and the rights to get ubaldo jimenez

    • Nick Altieri says:

      and throw in Manny Banuelous too

      • Yes, I would like to see Ubaldo with the Yankees, Montero, Nuñez, Nova, Brackman, somebody else, but I would like to manage something without Betances and Banuelos

        • Nick says:

          Yes, dude is like 25 years old and really cheap. Yeah,
          Colon and Garcia are doing ok but Ubaldo you could keep around another 10 years or more. The reason for him not pitching as well is cause he pissed at the rockies for not lockin him up this year.

  7. Henry says:

    We need offense not a starting pitcher. Why in god's name would you trade Montero for a pitcher like Jiminez.. He isn't much better than Nova. What in the world are you people thinking.

  8. Russell says:

    We want the Koooooooooooooouz in NY!!! his bat has so much freaking POP! he only deal is he needs to take more walks, and that's easy to fix. Pull the trigger, make the trade HAPPEN.

    He just hit 2 homers in one game in Sacramento.

  9. Pete says:

    kouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! 5

  10. Mike Sommer says:

    With Chavez almost ready, I don't feel Kooz is necessary.

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