Trade Rumors: Yankees Have No Interest in Beltran

carlos-beltranRumors have been flying around the Mets like vultures stalking their pray all year long, and considering the fact that the Yankees are connected to virtually everyone it is natural that the two be connected.

However there is one met whom the Yankees are not interested in, Carlos Beltran, according to Kevin Kernan of the NY Post.

The Mets haven’t been actively shopping their players as they are within striking distance of the Wild-Card, but Kernan wrote this morning that they have begun taking phone calls on their bigger names, specifically Beltran, but that the Yankees have no interest.

This is not surprising as the Yankees really don’t have a place to put Beltran. Earlier in the season this could have been a possibility, but lately things have changed. Specifically outfielders Brett Gardner and Nick Swisher have picked up their games in a big way and so has DH Jorge Posada. Over the last 30 days Swisher and Gardner have been two of the best all around forces on the team and Posada has been dangerous with his bat putting up a .395 wOBA over his last 25 games.

With that trio playing so well and Curtis Granderson putting together an MVP-like season there is no place to put Beltran. So as good a season as the Mets slugger is having, he just doesn’t fit in the Bronx. Maybe next year.

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