Trade Rumors: Yankees Intensify Pursuit of Hiroki Kuroda

Perhaps alarmed after watching Phil Hughes‘ mediocre start this afternoon the Yankees are said to have intensified their pursuit of Dodgers’ starter Hiroki Kuroda, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

The big question is whether or not Kuroda would waive his no trade clause to come to the Bronx is another question. One that remains very unclear.

The only thing we know is that Kuroda has not been asked specifically if he would waive it, but there are plenty of rumors surrounding the entire ordeal. He supposedly needed compensation to waive it at one point. Then he would waive it, but only to non-east coast teams. Today we are hearing that he will only waive it if he is traded to the Yankees or Red Sox. I tell you it is all silly and possibly none of it is true.

The Yankees may very well have stepped up their efforts to land a starting pitcher though after Hughes struggled to hold worst offense in baseball to two runs over six innings. Whether or not Kuroda is their man remains to be seen.

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4 Responses to Trade Rumors: Yankees Intensify Pursuit of Hiroki Kuroda

  1. Susan says:

    I continue to say this would be a bad deal but if it means an end to the Phil Hughes dumpster fire then I'd be for it. There's got to be better options though. Ivan Nova quickly comes to mind. I still wouldn't give up hopes that Brien Taylor will still be the savior for this franchise.

  2. Mark KOP says:

    The Yanks should go all in for a true front line pitcher, go hard after Jiminez or make the Dodgers an offer they can't refuse on Kershaw….but don't waste our time on Kuroda. He's going to be another back end of the rotation starter at best, if he can even perform in the spotlight of New York. The Yankees don't need another 4/5 starter they already have 5 (Burnett, Nova, Hughes, Colon and Garcia) of them that they are trying to use to fill their 2 and 3 slots in the rotation.

    When they get to the post season they don't have anyone other than CC that will even be cause for concern for their opponents.

    • Susan says:

      Garcia and Colon have both pitched very well most of the year. I agree though, forget about Kuroda. I'd love to have Kershaw but I doubt the Dodgers would let him go.

  3. Mark KOP says:

    I doubt the Dodgers would let him go either……great pitcher very little cost and the Dodgers will be all about the cost for a while at least. I agree that both Garcia and Colon have outperformed expectations and even pitched really well at times, but I am not going to put any money on how long they can keep it up or whether the Yanks can match up against any of their likely playoff opponents' rotations with those guys going for them. CC gives us a chance in any game he pitches the rest of those clowns have to be underdogs in just about any playoff matchup the Yankees are likely to see.

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