Trade Rumors: Yankees Still Pursuing Hiroki Kuroda

Dodger’s starter Hiroki Kuroda has expressed an unwillingness to waive his no trade clause if he is dealt to an east coast team, however according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, Kuroda has changed his tune and is said to be keeping his options open. So Rosenthal reports (link) that the Yankees are among the team’s pursuing the veteran righty.

There certainly is no harm in trying to work out a deal and if Kuroda nixes it than he nixes it. At least he would have tried. The only worry is that Brian Cashman puts all of his eggs into one basket (kind of like he did last offseason) and misses out on another opportunity because he was trying to trade for a guy who would never come to the Bronx.

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6 Responses to Trade Rumors: Yankees Still Pursuing Hiroki Kuroda

  1. Susan says:

    If Brian Cashman puts all of his eggs into the basket of Hiroki Kuroda he should be committed to an insane asylum. And if Kuroda is the best starting pitcher available then we should stand pat with what we've got. This guy just isn't very good and would get lit up in the American League. Get Nova back up, do whatever with Hughes and see if anything else becomes available. We're not going to win the division anyway but should easily get the wild card so I don't think we need any drastic moves.

  2. David K. says:

    Nova is better than this guy, why are we trying to get him?

  3. Get-A-Bat says:

    I don't even see the need for a starter right now with the way Colon and Garcia are backing up CC. I mean if Hughes doesn't get it together we still have Nova but what if Phil does come around ? What do we do with the new starter ? Who do we option down to Triple-A ?(Burnett would be nice but that's not happening) Honestly I would like to get another lefty reliever to help battle Boston's lefty dominate lineup but the biggest need IMO is a bat. Posada is a all done and is hurting the team.

  4. Mike Sommer says:

    Just to play devil's advocate (I am not advocating getting Kuroda or not getting him), Kuroda has been maybe the one pitcher over the last several years with the worst luck. He's 36, and I am wary about that. But here is his numbers: 2008: 9-10, 3.73, ERA+ 112; 2009: 8-7, 3.76, ERA+ 106; 2010: 11-13, 3.39, ERA + 112; 2011: 6-12 (leads NL in losses), 3.19. ERA+ 113. He gets no run support and deserves better. He is just 34-42 despite an ERA of 3.52. (ERA + 111). Even if you add .6 runs to his ERA, adjusting for the DH in the AL, it's still 4.33, 4.36, 3.99, 3.79 for the ERAs. That's not bad. Give the guy some run support, who knows. He is NOT a bad pitcher. I'm noncommital as far as getting him goes. I would like to see what he'd do with some semblance of an offense behind him. Considering he has a 3.52 (in the NL) and a 111 ERA+, he has deserved better than 34-42.

    • David K. says:

      If anything, he would do worse here, not better. Do you think he would pitch well against the likes of Boston, Toronto, Texas, etc.? Also the fact that he is 36, forget it. We have a boatload of kids, including Nova and Noesi, who would pitch better right now and for the long term future as well.

  5. 805lyfe says:

    Kuroda would be an ok fit for you guys, but you need to get him so the sox won’t. The only reason his record is so bad, is that none of the Dodgers will hit for him. The Yankees or the soxs will not have that problem, and he will have a winning record for either team with a solid 3.50 era. If he gets traded to either, whoever gets him will win it all this year. Go Dodgers!

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