Trade Rumors: Yankees Unwilling to Give Up Big Prospects for Relievers

heath-bellVia Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated:

Yankees unwilling to trade big prospect for reliever; think they’ll be OK in pen. seek SP but still see Ubaldo as longshot

With Rafael Soriano‘s return looming the Yankees haven’t been attached to too many relievers in rumors. The few we have heard about are mostly lefties with the exception of Padres’ pitchers Heath Bell and Mike Adams. That doesn’t mean that Brian Cashman doesn’t have other leads he is following, he most certainly does. It just means that the Yankees aren’t likely to land any big names.

Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports tweeted earlier today that the Yankees are still talking to the Padres, but with half a dozen teams interested in Bell and Adams and the Yankees looking to hold on to their bigger prospects, talk is cheap. I expect they will keep on trying to add a lefty all the way up until the last minute before the deadline though.

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4 Responses to Trade Rumors: Yankees Unwilling to Give Up Big Prospects for Relievers

  1. Nick says:

    Are you serious we better make a move!!!

    • Mike Sommer says:

      No move is better than a bad move.

      • John says:

        True Mike and with Soriano coming back and Robertson rolling its not like they NEED to overpay for a righty like Bell.
        Wade and Ayala have been ok for what theve been asked to do
        and besides Mark Prior is coming. just a joke
        We need a real lefty. Logan cannot be the only lefty in the pen in the playoffs. He is better suited with a second lefty like Coke and Marte type deal. I know Logan has an opp BA of.250 vs lefties but I dont see the obp he always seems to walk or plunk a left hand hitter.

        • Mike Sommer says:

          I really hope they can get Choate back for the following reasons: 1) he's pitched in NY & its pressure before 2) he has postseason experience 3) At the AS break, lefties were 5 for 50, 21 strikeouts against him. I really value someone who has handled big city pressure before and who has postseason experience. I am not sold on Logan either, and am keeping my fingers crossed for a LOOGY like Choate.

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