Trade Rumors: Yankees Will Scout Bedard on Friday

He’s no King Felix, but when Seattle Mariners starter Erik Bedard comes off the DL on Friday there will be a slew of scouts on hand to watch him pitch including one from the Yankees, according to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports.

Bedard has been out since June 27 with a strained left knee, but when he’s been healthy this season he has been very good. In 15 starts he has a 3.00 ERA, a 8.5 K/9, a 2.6 BB/9, a 123 ERA+, and best of all he’s a lefty (would be very handy against Boston’s lefty heavy lineup).

If the Yankees can’t land Ubaldo Jimenez, or even if they can, Bedard may be the perfect fit for them. His injury history and his lack of a Type-A or B status as an impending free agent mean he won’t cost a lot. He’s also one of the rare starters on the market that is a clear upgrade over the pitchers currently in the Yankees rotation.

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6 Responses to Trade Rumors: Yankees Will Scout Bedard on Friday

  1. Matt C says:

    He definitely is an upgrade – if he's healthy. Memory serves me he was tough against the Yankees and Bosox when he was younger and on the O's. Garcia and Colon will help the Yankees get to October, but beating the Oakland and Baltimore's of the world is a lot different than facing the Boston or Texas lineup.

    Rob, what do you think about putting Hughes back in the bullpen? Nova is a better shot right now every fifth day

    • I would certainly be in favor of Hughes returning to the pen at this point, but Girardi has said nothing to indicate that this will happen soon.

      • Mike says:

        Hughes should go back to the pen at least until he proves himself consistently. Right now he is a mystery taking the mound- can't afford it when your in the playoff hunt. There was no rush to send Nova back to the minors, he was coming into his own and should have been given the opportunity to keep pitching until he proved otherwise. Hopefully the Yanks can pick up someone to help solidify the starting rotation but it looks like they are going to roll the dice with what they've got.

  2. John says:

    as much as I respect Hughes he may be better off in the pen at this point.
    But that was before he got hurt.
    Anyone who has seen my posts knows how high I am on Hughes but something is not right. You also know how High I am on Nova. I really see alot in that kid. I would hate to see him leave or be pushed down.
    I can not quantify it with stats but Ivan Nova just is a winner in my view with a ton of heart

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