Yankees Call-Up Lefty, Mitre to the DL

steve-garrisonThe Yankees made a somewhat surprising move yesterday when they called up lefty reliever Steve Garrison. He is taking the place of Sergio Mitre who was put on the DL with a sore shoulder.

It’s surprising because the Yankees just signed J.C. Romero, whom was expected to be called up if they wanted another lefty. It’s also surprising because Garrison has been awful in 46 innings at Double-A this season, putting up a 6.26 ERA. Not sure what the Yankees were thinking on this one, he probably will only serve in mop-up duty.

I doubt anyone will miss Mitre. He’s been awful since his return, perhaps this was the reason why as he actually did well with Milwaukee before they released him.

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11 Responses to Yankees Call-Up Lefty, Mitre to the DL

  1. Rob is there any reason why yankees are keeping Mitre?

    • Because somebody has to pitch. As much as people complain about him, he hasn't pitched in a single inning that has mattered. He was purely a mopup man.

  2. NYYTRUEBLUE says:

    There are a lot of questions about the Yankees that begin with WHY. Why is Mitre on the team at all??? Why does Girardi platoon Gardner??? Why are Colon and Garcia pulled so quickly when Burnett is allowed to stay in until the game is lost??? Why is Andruw Jones on the team???

    • There are answers to those questions. Andrus Jones has an .828 OPS against lefties. Colon and Garcia have injuries histories and are working with limited stuff compared to 5 years ago, Burnett does not. Girardi stopped platooning Gardner.

      • NYYTRUEBLUE says:

        I would rather have Colon and/or Garcia, with their injuries history, pitching than Burnett any day of the week. Burnett is the biggest waste of money there is. The only time he shows any consistency is with his cream pies to the faces of players that have walk-off hits. You still haven't told me why Mitre is back on this team!

        • John says:

          True Mitre has not pitched in any real situations every tem needs mopup guys.
          I doubt Garrison will be anything more tha a live body for a roster spot I cant see him facing tough lefties in big spots.
          I have to agree with Rob, Colon/Garcia have had serious shoulder Injuries recently and those really seem to limit a guy in the future. You cannot pile up the innings too much on guys with repaired shoulders.
          As much as alot of people hammer Burnett give him this- he takes the ball every time its his turn since he came here. He has had and up and down time to say the least I got that.
          Jones can still play all 3 spots and still has some pop its not like he is being counted on fulltime

  3. I agree, we need a mopup man. But it's not true that he hasn't pitched innings that mattered. Against Cleveland we were down 3-0, he came to give 2 more runs before Yankees scored 3 in the 9th, if he doesn't give those 2, that could have been 3-3. Anyway if the difference is by 3 or 4, I'm waiting for a rally but after him it's always by 6 or 7

  4. David K. says:

    You don't really need a "mop up guy" anymore. That is purely oudated thinking. A roster spot is too valuable to waste on a guy who gives up a few runs in a single inning every time. We never should have sent down Nova. If we have two starters in our bullpen in Nova and Noesi, they'll be able to pick up the slack every time someone throws a stinker, which is about two games out of every five. Might as well have an ultra quick hook for A.J. as well, he really stinks. If there were any guts in this organization, A.J. would be in the bullpen and Nova would be starting.

  5. Telly Norgen says:

    I agree David K. Every time I see Burnett or Mitre pitching we expect to loose.

  6. david says:

    Garrison is terrific. You guys have no idea what you are talking about

  7. Prince says:

    This is interesting! I agree with David, Garrison is terrific!! 🙂

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