Yankees Get Chavez Back, Soriano Not Ready Yet

The Yankees got Eric Chavez back last night as he went 1-for-3, drove in a run, and played third base. However, they have not gotten Rafael Soriano back yet as his is not quite recovered from his back-to-back outings.

There is no issue with Soriano’s arm, but with all the time off he has had and another off-day coming on Thursday the Yankees probably just feel like it is better to wait an extra day than to risk any harm. Considering they are playing the Mariners, who have a putrid offense, there really is no harm in pushing him back until Friday.

As for Chavez, he played well last night. There was no reports of any soreness. If he can stay healthy he will be a big boost. Brandon Laird got sacrificed in Chavez’s call-up. He’s back down in Triple-A.

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