Yankees Sell Minor Leaguer to Korea

Brian Gordon came out of no where to make a couple emergency starts for the Yankees over the past few week and just as fast as he came he is gone. The Yankees sent Gordon to the SK Wyverns for cash considerations, according to Chad Jennings of the Journal News.

Gordon, 32, made two starts for the Yankees and put up a 5.23 ERA over 10.1 innings. He was not bad, but certainly not great either. It’s good for the Yankees to get something out of him. With the return of Bartolo Colon and Phil Hughes Gordon is no longer needed and Ivan Nova would certainly get the call to start before him. Hector Noesi and David Phelps would also be options to get an emergency start.

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5 Responses to Yankees Sell Minor Leaguer to Korea

  1. Dave Gross says:

    I would hope that any team that does this at least talk it over with the player first. Good to get something in return for a player that is not needed anymore though.

    • They usually do. I believe they did in this case as well. Usually the players make more money there than they can here. I think what the other teams are paying for is usually just to release the player from his contract at which point they are free to sign him.

  2. yankeepride says:

    Gordon isn't a young guy but it is true, he could make some money before his playing days are over…maybe the Yankees did right by him…

  3. NYYTRUEBLUE says:

    The 2 starts Gordon got were wasted. He had absolutely no future with the Yankees. The starts should have been given to Noesi who, I think, has a big upside and future with the team. The kid is a starter and is being damaged in the way he is being used in the bullpen.

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