Yankees Trade Rumors: Cashman Expects a Quiet Deadline 16

Via Dan Martin of the NY Post:

“I’m going to be hard-pressed to find anything better than getting Bartolo Colon and Phil Hughes off the disabled list,” the Yankees GM Brian Cashman said at a Hope Week charity event on Staten Island. “I can’t imagine I’m going to run into anything but you’ve still got to go through the motions…

“We’re prepared for chaos if it comes before Sunday’s deadline. But I like the team we have…

“I go into the marketplace with a team that’s a championship-caliber team as it sits,” Cashman said. “It’s hard to upgrade on that.”

There are certainly going to be people who are upset with these statements. Sure the Yankees roster can probably get better, but compared to the holes in the other rosters around the league, the Yankees problems aren’t glaring.

Everyone expects the Yankees to upgrade their rotation, but it’s a rotation ranked 5th in the league in terms of ERA. The rotation’s biggest problem, Phil Hughes, also has an internal replacement in Ivan Nova, who was demoted to the minors despite pitching very well.

The other big problem could be the DH spot where Jorge Posada has been struggling. But by keeping that spot open the Yankees give themselves decent flexibility to use Alex Rodriguez there more often and can slot Eric Chavez there occasionally as well.

The one spot where the Yankees can really use an upgrade is probably their left handed reliever. The problem with upgrading here is that teams aren’t just going to give these pitchers away and it is a relatively small need on a ball club. That means that it is a hard position to upgrade without overpaying.

The important thing to keep in mind with Cashman’s statements here is that he may be bluffing. Teams seem to be asking a ton from the Yankees in any deal. By issuing statements like these Cashman could be helping himself by lessening the perception that the Yankees are desperate and willing to pay any price.

I still expect the Yankees to make at least one move at the deadline, but more and more it seems like it won’t be a blockbuster that some fans are hoping for. Remember, when it comes to trading, sometimes the best ones are the ones that aren’t made.

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16 thoughts on “Yankees Trade Rumors: Cashman Expects a Quiet Deadline

  • Henry

    I agree with Cashman although I do not think this team can win it this year. To many injuries. Better to stand pat for the sake of the future. We will have to replace Martin in the off season so we need one of our young catchers. Montero is of course my pick.

  • ontopofit

    Neither team right now has enough pitching to win anything. Great hitting is great during the season against weak pitching but the playoffs are a different animal. Enjoy the regular season because as it stands right now…they both lose in the playoffs.

  • Scott

    The Yankees biggest (and only) problem is their lack of consistent hitting. They have a tendency to make the average pitcher look great, and the above-average pitcher look HOF-caliber. The only reason Boston has a better record is because they have 3 starters batting well over .300 and a few others close to it. Put that consistency in the Yankees line-up and we'd have a much better record than Boston. Unfortunately we're probably not going to find a .300 hitter available to pick up, and even if we did, he'd undoubtedly struggle coming to NY.

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