Yankees Trade Rumors: The Latest on Hiroki Kuroda

Perhaps in response to Phil Hughes‘ poor outing yesterday, the Yankees reportedly intensified their efforts to land Dodger starter Hiroki Kuroda yesterday.

Joel Sherman of the NY Post reported today that the reason they are targeting Kuroda over Jimenez is that they are uncomfortable with the asking price of Jimenez and want to turn to Kuroda because he will be cheaper in prospects.

However, we got a better reading of where Kuroda stands on his no trade clause and it isn’t exactly inspiring if you are a Yankees fan.

“My honest feeling is that I can’t fathom wearing another uniform than the Dodgers uniform right now,” Kuroda said to AJ Cassavell of MLB.com. “I never thought about it, and it’s really hard to think.

“I haven’t really decided on anything, so I can’t really give you an answer,” Kuroda said. “Today I was wearing a Dodgers uniform, and I was playing here, to win, for this team. I have a few days before the Trade Deadline, so I’m going to think about it, I’m going to talk to my agent about it, and we’ll go on from there.”

So take that for what it’s worth. He doesn’t sound like he’s really willing to change teams, but he didn’t come out and say he definitely wouldn’t leave Los Angeles either.

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6 Responses to Yankees Trade Rumors: The Latest on Hiroki Kuroda

  1. anthony says:

    Poor outing ??? He pitched 6 innings of 2 run ball? and one of the errors opened up the inning for seatle ….this has to do with having a reliable guy behind cc who can be consistent.

    • If you saw that outing you wouldn't be happy. He had a 1-2-3 1st inning and then struggled every inning after that. The Mariners have the worst offense in baseball (not just the AL). Struggling to hold them to two runs over six innings does not impress me.

  2. Susan says:

    I agree with Robert. Sometimes a box score can be deceiving. Hughes definitely struggled against a terrible team. I just don't ever see him being a reliable starter.

  3. David K. says:

    I really don't understand what the point of getting Kuroda would be. He is not as good as Nova, which is why I hear the Dodgers are asking Nova. We would be so stupid to trade Nova for Kuroda.

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