A.J. Burnett Making Changes to Mechanics 19

Via George King of the NY Post:

A.J. Burnett tinkered with his delivery during yesterday’s bullpen session. In order to keep his arm straight coming forward, he experimented with keeping his hands at the mid-chest level and not swinging them backward.

“I want to see if it helps me,” said Burnett, who faces the Red Sox Thursday night in Boston. “Maybe it will give me more control.”

After the bullpen session, Burnett said, “It was good in the stretch; the windup is going to take work.”

It’s hard to read a lot into this considering that most of the time when teams talk about this kind of stuff with the media they are just trying to change the story. Also, with the way Burnett has been pitching lately it seems very hard to believe that there is one or two things that can be done to correct the ship.

Either way, it is good that they are at least trying something. Burnett has been a disaster for about two months now and only up until recently have his manager and general manager not supported him blindly. I just wonder if there is a possible adjustment to be made, he might just simply be a bad pitcher.

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19 thoughts on “A.J. Burnett Making Changes to Mechanics

  • Vinny bag of donuts

    Why do the Yankees keep giving this guy another mulligan? He is TERRIBLE!!!! I know they owe him a lot of money but come on already, he can't win. He isn't just losing, he's getting bombed on. He is getting bombed on by teams with very poor offensives, what do you think Boston is gonna do to him? I'll be surprised if he lasts 2 innings and only gives up 10 runs. Send this clown to AAA. It's time Joe and Cash start telling AJ what to do and AJ start listening. AJ has been complaining about pitch selection, the mound, the pitching coaches, the catcher, and on and on.
    I think I can speak for quite a few Yankee fans when I say "YOU SUCK AJ AND WE ARE TRIED OF YOUR CRAP"

  • seasonedobserver

    Curt Shilling hit it on the head. AJ just doesn't care about being good. It's not high on his priority list. He has the focus of a 5 year old @ toys r us. His team deserves more then a clown in the locker room. Mechanics smanics. He needs to visit the grinches doctor and grow some heart. Unfortunately you can't teach desire.

  • Mike Sommer

    It's one thing to say "send him to AAA." Do you realize the option system? That a player could be out of options (especially a seasoned veteran)? You can't just send a seasoned veteran to AAA like you can a rookie. I'd like A.J. gone, too. I realize the current situation as well. The Yanks have ONE off day between that double rain-out of 8/27 and the end of the season on 9/28. One. Granted I'd love to supplant A.J. with a minor league pitcher for a September start (Warren, Mitchell, a killer B), but in either case, be it A.J. or a rookie, you are taking a chance in what you'd be putting on the mound. Right now, Girardi has to watch the veterans (especially the aged Colon and Garcia) down the stretch, especially with no off days. If this means having to stick with six starters for this time period, well, you have to do what you hope will be best come October.

  • shavager

    Send him to AAA, let him refine pitch location and mechanics there instead of jeopardizing Yankees chances to win division title or potential WSeries appearance with poor performances like he's continued to have. Can't throw away money invested, it's still possible for AJ to improve his mechanics and return to form if he's dedicated to the game. Otherwise, maybe Yanks need to delegate him to bullpen, leave him off the roster once playoffs start.

  • hardnose

    AJ can fiddle with his mechanics all he likes but what needs fixing is a little further north. He's a head case imo and needs to find a higher power or a good shrink.

  • Harcore Yankee Fan

    He looked pretty good tonight and got the job done as far as I'm concerned. Against Boston no less.

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